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There have been major advances in technology over recent decades and this has led to significant improvements in people’s lives.

To what extent do you agree and disagree?

Technological advancements from the past 20 years has changed the the way human live. The used of technology is increasing daily and people embraced it as the world keeps on developing new technologies every year. I strongly agree that mechanization changed peoples life for the better and helped businesses and companies save time and lower production cost, which has been beneficial to organizations by providing more products and services available to consumers.

Modern technology is continuously progressing, telephone technology for instance has vastly improved and simplified the method of communication all around the world. This generation is blessed with advanced tools that many individuals cannot even imagine that this technological breakthroughs is happening. Another significant invention in the recent history is computer, humans and businesses are now heavily rely on computer based-communication. It has been pretty easy to transmit and share information using computer networking especially with a high speed internet connection. This has been possible because of modern technologies that are rolling out yearly.

Current technology connects people across the globe and now allows individual to access information anytime and anywhere but there are some drawbacks that are not so apparent. Modern technology open doors in increasing automation in factories replacing human workers. The rise in the robotics workforce will essentially take over manufacturing works which means that million of people will lose their jobs.  Though many people fear for manufacturing full automation, however, technological development actually has a positive impact on both factories and employees. This has helped factories increase output and having a consistent quality because humans by nature are slow and not reliable in terms of accuracy and quality.

In conclusion, while concerns for contentious development of technology are valid, however, the benefits that people and many companies may get out from utilizing the capabilities of this great innovations simply stands out.

Contributor: Renz de Vino


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