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An embroidery is a form of art of decorating fabrics by hand or by machine. Pearls, sequins, quills, and beads are also used. designers use embroidery for making the fabric or dresses look even more beautiful. For this purpose, they use both hand embroidery and machine embroidery. Hand embroidered products are expensive as compared to machine embroider products.

In old times, hand embroidery was common. It was the most creative way to decorate fabrics. Some people still prefer hand-embroidered fabrics for themselves. In modern days embroidery machines are used for embroidery purposes.

Embroidery machines are used to add monograms and logos to business jackets and shirts. Rayon thread or polyester thread is used for machine embroidery. Embroidery software is also available to digitize embroidery designs. These embroidery designs are then with help of flash drive given to best embroidery machine which embroiders it onto the fabric.

Machine embroidery is an advanced way of beautifying a fabric but hand embroidery gives you a lot of choices for decorating fabric. There are so many possibilities with hand embroidery. But it is expensive because it requires a lot of struggle and time to make a product perfect in every sense.

A glance on the history

A fast look at the historical background of embroidery tells that, it’s an antiquated work of art no doubt. It follows back to 30 000 B.C., from which archeologists have discovered fossils of intensely hand-sewed garments and boots. Other old works have been noticeably found in China and India.

Why someone should try embroidery?

Art of embroidery machine is found everywhere in the world. It can also be used for decoration purpose. Embroidery is everywhere from traditional dress to modern fancy-pants jeans. You can use embroidered wall hangings and other works of textile arts for decorating walls. For some extra decoration, embroidered patchworks can also be used.

Learning embroidery is not that difficult, it is easy. You should try embroidery if you are an art lover, seasoned stitcher. You would surely love embroidery once you started doing it. Here are some reasons explaining why should you try embroidery and what will you get:

A cheap hobby

It is a kind of cheap hobby. No investment is required, There is no need to worry about money and time. Things required for embroidery are cheap. So it is an easy and inexpensive hobby anyone can enjoy. You just need to know what you require for embroidery. You need fabric, needle, scissors, embroidery hoop, embroidery floss and a water soluble marker for drawing a design on the cloth. Best kind of fabrics you can use for hand embroidery are cotton, silk, linen, waste canvas, Kloster, etc. yo9u can use any of this fabric if available otherwise you9 can choose whatever kind of fabric you want or you already have.

Easy to get started

It is easy to start. You just need to have the necessary things, for example, fabric, needle, and thread. Frames are also available for supporting fabric and these frames make it easy to do. In the case of machine embroidery, you must have a machine. I would recommend hand embroidery for beginners.

Variety is prime quality

There are varieties of stitches you can try in different new ways. You can get inspiration and new ideas for embroidery from internet and can creatively present your work. You can play with a variety of colors and make an inspiring picture of your thoughts. It will be a colorful representation of your inner personality.


People have busy and stressful lives, they don’t have much time. Embroidery is a helpful task to make yourself feel relaxed in your free time. You can just sit and relax while doing it, there is no pressure of doing it perfectly. You can do it the way you want. For me, it is a beautiful feeling to have a cloth in one hand and rhythmic movement of a needle across the fabric. It keeps stressful thoughts away from your mind and keeps you busy into something creative and healthy for the mind.

Forgiveness for imperfections

As I said above there is no need to worry about perfection. You can do it freely and if there is a slight imperfection, you can cover it up using a thread and make it look even more beautiful. If you do not want to cover it and then it is your choice. It is so satisfying to make a colorful picture using embroidery.

No electricity

If you want to enjoy machine embroidery then, for sure electricity is required. But if you want to do embroidery in a fun and creative way you must try hand embroidery. With hand embroidery you can have fun in your free and electricity would not be required. So you can have a fun hobby without using electricity.

Freedom of choice

So many kinds of patterns are available. You can choose your favorite one. It also allows you to create a different pattern for yourself and it depends upon your creativity level. If you do not want to follow any pattern, the choice is yours. You can different color combinations to make your fabric look colorful and attractive and there is o restriction. You can create whatever you want, as you have the freedom to create what you want.

Connection with the past

It connects you to the past. It connects you with the old memories of your grandparents when they made hand embroidered or knitted clothes for you with love and care. You just feel the same love and care while doing this thing. You can also gift them embroidered fabrics made by you to show your love and affection for them. They would feel special.

Endless possibilities

It allows you to play with colors. There are endless possibilities with the same fabric and a few colored threads you have. You can use them in different ways on the same fabric and can produce several amazing designs. You can use several different color threads in creative ways to produce a wide range of different designs. After you have created a fully designed or embroidered fabric you can use it to create something new and personal.

Good therapy

It is good therapy for the mind. While handling the knots of threads during embroidery you learn how to untangle the knots of your life instead of cutting them off. It teaches you how to face problems with patience. You can have a relaxed mind to think about your future perspectives. You will feel good after doing this.

Valuable Skill

Figuring out how to embroider is an ability that will work well for you in different parts of your life. It will make you progressively inventive, it will make you a touch hand at any sewing based errand and it could even open the entryway to another profession. You can use this hobby to earn money also. You will surely love to learn and then use this skill.


There are heaps of weaving clubs around so you can impart your new side interest to similarly invested individuals. You will likewise have a chance to gain from the more experienced embroiders in the gathering. Who knows, you may even make some deep-rooted companions from your new side interest. You can also arrange a party and can invite your friends to do something creative.

Fun Alternative

A weaving class could be a fun party activity. You get the opportunity to have a fabulous time being imaginative, gain proficiency with another expertise and even at the end, you have something to show. You can visit different places where you can enjoy the crafty side of life.

Feel of achieving something

When you do embroidery you are taking a plain bit of texture and changing it into a something delightful that will surely be appreciated by everyone. When you make your very own embroidered structure it gives you a huge feeling of pride and accomplishment. You will be astonished at your potential once you get moving. You can show your work to your friends and family and they will surely appreciate you.

Final thoughts

Is it true that you are thinking about attempting embroidery however aren’t sure if it’s for you? You must know that it is for everyone and you must try it. There are so many reasons to keep yourself busy doing embroidery and you will surely love it. you will surely enjoy both hand embroidery and machine broidery. But for beginners, I would suggest you try hand embroidery because machine embroidery is best for professional purposes.

Every kind of information is available on the internet. So, if you want to get more information related to this you can take help from the internet. From the internet, you can learn how to do it and what you require. You can also ask your grandparents to help you in this regard, doing this you can also spend some time with them. So get yourself busy into something creative and stress relieving and enjoy your life.


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