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From Beginner to Expert: The Art of the Guest Post

From Beginner to Expert: The Art of the Guest Post

To drive in more traffic to the website guest blogging is considered as the best way. An authority in the industry is developed by blogging and there are ample brands that have benefitted from guest blogging. High-quality backlinks can be obtained from guest blogging that assists in SEO strategy. Guest blogging is a marketing technique where other sites are recognised and articles are written as a guest author.

Benefits of guest blogging 

  • Branding and authority: 

When guest blogging for your business or own brand, brand awareness is enhanced and authority is developed. The main criterion in guest blogging is to publish a guest post on authority blogs of your niche. Although unidentified in the niche, when guest posts are posted on high relevance sites, the appropriate audience would be on familiar terms with the service or brand.

  • Backlinks: 

Inbound links can connect to the Website by guest posting and is considered as an effective way to drive in traffic. Usually, within the article or in the author bio, these links can be earned. Such links to product pages are difficult to be generated but through guest posting, it’s made easy.

  • Quality traffic and improved business: 

There is improved quality traffic as guest posts have links to own resources. When a deep look is taken on the analytics, it can be noticed that high average traffic is obtained from referral sites. A guest blogging content strategy can always be drafted that introduces the services and products and improves awareness. There are many guest posts services too that help in boosting brand awareness, in building authority backlinks and also in creating a strong online presence.

Aspects to consider before guest posting 

Guest blogging is an art and is made successful when used in the right manner. Bloggers just need to understand the strategies and techniques for guest blogging to be successful. Here are mentioned a few aspects to be considered for guest blogging.

  • Purpose of the guest blog

The goals of the guest blog must be predefined that makes it easier. There are a few familiar reasons for guest blogging; they are to develop authority, to build links for the website, to grow an email list, to gain traffic for a particular site or landing page, etc. The people, who decide their goal is to build links, can have excel sheet along with links websites and anchor text. This helps in speeding the process of guest blogging. Hence, a clear purpose must be known before starting to guest blog.

  • Picking website for guest blogging

High-quality appropriate guest posts sites are to be picked for effective guest posting. Initiate by opening an excel sheet and mark down the sites preferred. These target sites are to be analysed for metrics mentioned below.

  • Same niche

The guest post is to be posted on the identical niche which otherwise wouldn’t be perfect from traffic or SEO point of view.

  • Domain authority

The domain authority of the site is to be considered. It is a domain ranking mechanism where sites are ranked from 1 to 100 scales. Look for sites with 40+ domain authority.

  • Traffic

Traffic is another key parameter that represents if the website picked is growing and healthy. It is important to make sure that the picked website posts or updates new contents which otherwise would not be effective for guest posting.

Tips to write guest posts 

  1. Once the aspects for writing a guest post are listed down, the next step is to write a perfect blog post. There are a few tips to be followed to write a blog post. The blog should be unique, provide more value, research and write, enhanced quality outbound links can be provided, and the blog should be relatable to the visitors. For the article to rank higher and also guest posting is done on authoritative sites, optimizing to a particular keyword is important.
  2. The next step is to contact the blog owner by attaching an introductory email along with guest posts. It includes blog address & name, twitter ID, and Facebook ID.
  3. After the blog is posted, the blog traffic increases and more blog subscribers are obtained. The new audience can be maintained by writing round-up posts with more value.
  4. Promote the guest’s posts on various social media sites and also reply to the comments received.


Guest posts can be posted several times and it isn’t limited. It depends on the output and exposure obtained. There are guest post services available online and they assist in growing audience, enhancing ranking, increase revenue, and developing awareness. Any guest post can be made familiar and can be grabbed for more traffic in several ways. Smart planning and following the appropriate techniques are important in the guest blogging. Analyse the techniques that work best for your guest posts and follow such strategies to enhance your traffic.


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