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What makes hidden halo engagement rings different from others

Halo rings have a big center stone, which is surrounded by a ring of small similar sized stones. With the halo setting, a ring looks bigger. A center stone covered by a halo setting costs much less compared to a similar size solitaire. Instead of a diamond, we can keep any other gemstone. Halo setting provides proper protection to the center stone. Nowadays, hidden halo engagement rings are getting popular. In a hidden halo setting, the halo sits below the center stone instead of framing it. This is also referred to as under halo setting. It works for almost all types of shapes like round, oval, pear, radiant, and cushion-cut.

Gives shinier look

From the top, we are not able to see the halo setting. But from other angles, the halo highlights the center stone with a wow factor. It makes the center stone shinier. For a hidden halo setting, we have to choose a high color diamond. So that it sparkles a lot with the hidden halo. If we choose a low colored diamond for the center stone, it looks yellow with the hidden halo. People who love trendy and unique engagement rings will go for a hidden halo engagement ring.

It gives you space for creativity

Though the common design is to have a halo under the center stone, you can add many variations to the hidden halo setting. Make variations in the shape of the center stone. This hidden halo setting is a versatile option that goes well with many settings like channel setting, solitaire, etc. You can try different color gemstones of your choice, which adds more uniqueness. You can highlight the hidden halo by setting it in a different colored metal different from the main setting color. If you want unique collections for hidden halo settings in Engagement rings hatton gardens provide you with so many different stunning designs.

Makes the center stone look bigger

This setting makes the center stone bigger by 15%. The diamond looks up to one-half carat bigger as it accentuates the center stone. When you see the diamond from different angles, it sparkles with more colors than the top part. If you do not compromise in color and clarity, then the size of the diamond must be reduced to make it within your budget. In that, if you add a hidden halo setting, you can make the diamond look bigger and shinier too.

Price is similar to halo

The price of a ring with a halo setting is more or less similar to the ring with a hidden halo setting. Halo is pretty common, but in a hidden halo setting, you are getting a unique style. People who love romantic styles will go for a hidden halo engagement ring. This means that you can get a distinctly designed ring at a price similar to a halo setting ring. A hidden halo setting not only adds details to your ring but also cut down your cost significantly.

It can hide the flaws in your diamond

Have you compromised the clarity of a diamond due to your cost constraints? You can minimize the appearance of inclusion in many ways. Usually, the prong setting and bezel settings are used to reduce the appearance of inclusions in the diamond. The hidden halo setting has the ability to hide the inclusions in your center stone if it has any. Hatton garden jewellers not only have the purest diamonds, they also have a range of diamonds with inclusions. If you want to cut down costs by compromising clarity, they can provide you with diamonds with inclusions upon request.


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