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What are the best ways to promote your business?

If you want to be sure that your business succeeds, then one of the best strategies is to promote it in every possible way. Promotions are never a waste of time and money, especially when done properly. To help you out, here are some step-by-step instructions on how to step up your advertising game with step and repeats.

Before anything else, though, let’s find out what step-and-repeats are in the first place. Step-and-repeats are large vinyl prints that can be used for floor graphics or wallpapers. This kind of signage is very popular for events because it helps create memorable figures that will definitely stand out in photos taken during these kinds of occasions.

When applying step & repeats to your business, you have three options to choose from: floor graphics, step and repeats and step and repeat stickers. The latter is like a sticker wall that can be attached or removed as needed which makes it very versatile for different kinds of businesses.

If you’re thinking about step-and-repeats for an upcoming event, then we recommend step and repeat banners. These are made out of the same material as step and repeats (vinyl) but they come with retractable base stands so they can be easily moved around as necessary. Combined with other printed materials such as posters, flyers, brochures and other products, step & repeats will definitely make your business stand out even more! You can find this kind of signage at and step and repeat banners.

Now that you’re familiar with step and repeat signs, we’ll show you how to get the most out of these promotional materials:

1) Determine what kind of step and repeats you want to use. 

We already mentioned step-and-repeats, step & repeat banners, step and repeat stickers and step-and-repeat floor graphics so it’s only fair for us to help you choose which one is best suited for your needs. Here are some questions to ask you in order to come up with a good answer: What will be the purpose of each product? Are they going to be used indoors or outdoors? Are they going to be moved often, or do they need to be hardy? Are they going to be displayed constantly or just for a few days?

Once you come up with the answers, it will be easy to determine which step and repeats will give you optimal benefits.

2) Determine how much step and repeats you need. 

If step and repeat banners are what you’ll use, then we recommend printing enough of them so that there’s one for every 5-6 people who will participate in your event. This way, they can take photographs of themselves without having too many empty spaces between them. If step & repeat stickers are what you’ll use, then we also recommend printing at least two per person (1 for the front and 1 the back). Just like with step & repeat banners, step and repeat stickers can help create a memorable photo.

3) Determine how you’ll use step and repeats. 

Will step-and-repeats be used for advertising your business? If yes, then where will it be displayed? Will step-and-repeats be used to promote your business at an event? This is one of the most popular uses of step and repeats so they’re definitely worth printing if this is the case. For step-and-repeats that are not placed in visible spaces but still need to catch prospective client’s attention, don’t worry about printing too many copies per person because most prints only need to be seen once for them to remember it!

4) Highlight step and repeat slogans. 

Once step and repeat signs are displayed, step-and-repeat phrases or messages can also help bring attention to your step and repeats. Adding step and repeat slogans does not use up a lot of space so you can easily include phrases such as “Be Our Guest” or “Just Do It!”

5) Make step and repeats interactive. 

People love interacting with step-and-repeat banners so trying this step with step and repeat stickers will definitely be worth every penny! This way, your step & repeats won’t just stay there gathering dust but people will actually get excited once they see them because it means that they will get the chance to snap photos of themselves while flaunting your custom printed step & repeat.


Step-and-repeats are great for promoting a business or event. The step and repeat phrases you use on step and repeats will depend upon the step and repeat signs or step and repeat stickers you have printed so it’s best to choose step & repeat slogans that best suit your step and repeats. Make step and repeats interactive by using step & repeat phrases or step & repeat slogans on step and repeat stickers.

If step and repeats are what you need, make sure to pay a visit to for step and repeat banners! We’ll help you get the most out of step and repeats at an affordable price, too!


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