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How to Create the Best Custom Business Cards for the Holiday Shopping Season

The COVID19 pandemic affected all aspects of life, including our shopping habits. Retail shopping rates (in-person shopping in particular) were very low in 2020. However, in 2021 in-store shopping during the holiday shopping season increased by 47.5%. In 2022, even more, people will be vaccinated and engage in in-person shopping during the holiday shopping season.

These holiday shopping seasons can mean big sales for small business owners. These events even provide great promotional opportunities for these businesses. Savvy business owners let every passerby know that their holiday season sales are on with high-quality business cards. These full-color, custom business cards allow small businesses to cost-effectively promote their sales, referral programs, and other marketing efforts.

Here are some other ways small businesses use custom-printed business cards during the holiday shopping season –

  • Local businesses use these cards to wish or greet loyal customers about seasonal festivities.
  • These cards are durable and lightweight. They remain in the recipients’ collection for many years.
  • Full-color business cards come in many finishes (e.g., matte, glossy, etc.) and sizes.
  • They help convert first-time holiday shoppers into loyal customers.

The best part about using business cards as promotional tools is the myriad of customization options users receive. During the holiday shopping season, a one-of-a-kind business card can make all the difference in terms of attracting customer attention. Here’s how brand leaders can create custom-printed business cards that attract customers and get the brand message across –

Print Business Contact Details Prominently 

More important than the design features are the contact details of the business. The cards should feature titles or qualifications of the respective owners of the cards. They should prominently feature all company addresses, email addresses, and relevant phone numbers. The first goal of the card should be enabling target clients to reach out to you at their convenience.

Design and Branding 

People will often flick through large sets of business cards, looking for companies that address their interests. That’s why the brand name, logo, and other essential brand design elements should be prominently displayed on the business cards. Make sure the company logo, the corporate colors, and all images or typefaces align with the brand’s existing design principles. Use fonts and design elements that display professionalism.

Festive Design 

The best business card printing websites offer a lot of design freedom to designers. Technically, users can upload whatever artwork they want and have it custom-printed on their cardstock business cards. Since you’re designing attractive and functional business cards for the festive season, it’s okay to avoid generally agreed design conventions. Display your creativity by using bright colors, artistic patterns, and other appealing design elements.

If possible, go for cards that come with double folds. On these cards, there’s twice as much space available for printing additional brand-related information. On these cards, you can print festive messages, social media links, or even QR codes for tracking target customers. Find a reliable custom business card printing website and start preparing for the festive holiday season now. Promote your brand in a classy and professional way!


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