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Caravan And Camping Mats

We Couldn’t Live Without Our Caravan And Camping Mats


We love the outdoors here at affordable camping Mats, and what better way to enjoy it than with one (or two) of our highly popular caravan mats.

When it comes to choosing your new annex matting, you’ll be spoiled for choice between contemporary patterns and original Indigenous art. We offer a caravan mat to fit any outdoor environment or event, from bright bursts of color to subtle tones in geometric design.

Caravan Mats – Helping You Enjoy Life In The Great Outdoors

Adding an outdoor mat to your campground may provide both comfort and aesthetics. They’re made of recycled polymers and are lightweight yet robust, as well as incredibly easy to clean, making them the ideal outdoor floor covering.

A caravan mat helps to keep dirt, dust, and filth outside where it belongs, whether you’ve parked for the night of the week. They not only look great, but they also give quick extra seating room for the kids, grandkids, and company.

Beware, affordable camping plastic camping mats may draw a gathering and generate all kinds of stories and good times! They’re the perfect multi-tasking, all-purpose camp friend, ideal for entertaining, dining, playtime, or simply a peaceful moment in a camp chair.

Caravan Mats For All-Weather

Because it is made of sturdy recycled polypropylene, you can rest certain that your new camping floor mat is not only useful and beautiful but is also beneficial for the environment.

Our water- and mold-resistant caravan carpets may be easily shaken, swept, or brushed off. If filth has been lodged inside the weave, just rinse it down and sweep it away with a soft broom.

On that note, the weave of our outdoor mats is tight enough to defend against sharp sticks and stones while yet allowing fine sand and water to pass through. It will also allow for air circulation, which will help to preserve the earth beneath.

Tie-down eyelets are supplied with our 4, 5, 6, and 7m mats (optional on the smaller ones), allowing you to secure them in place during windy circumstances or when not tied down with other camp furniture.

When it’s time to go, we recommend folding your caravan mat along the same fold lines that it came with before placing it in the carry bag.

Designing The Ideal Outdoor Living Space

Our caravan mats truly lay the groundwork for you to establish the ideal area for family and friends to make the most of your time in nature.

Nothing sets the stage more quickly and effortlessly than the proper camping floor mat, whether it’s to relax, sit back, de-stress, and look at the horizon or to engage, trade tales, play with the kids, or amuse and party. Not only that, but our mats are inexpensive and, if properly cared for, can provide you with years of relaxation and memory-making pleasure!

Throw in some recycled polyester pillows produced in Australia, and you’re well on your way to creating an outdoor arrangement you won’t want to leave. We also provide a nice selection of picnic accessories such as cheeseboards, picnic tables, wine, and beer coolers, insect repellents, mosquito coil holders, and cooler bags.

And, if that isn’t enough, if your outdoor trip includes sun and water – and, let’s be honest, when doesn’t it?! – Look no farther than our beautiful, locally created sand-free beach mats (also made from recycled plastic waste).


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