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What Makes Windermere, Florida An Ideal and Peaceful Place For Living A Good Life?

Out of all the places around the world that are considered to be perfect places for living, Windermere in Florida, Orange County is one such place where the moment you arrive, you will feel like being right at home. This is one such place that will allow you to escape the tourist vibes since there are no major attractions or shopping centers around.


Windermere town is just about 2 miles with beautiful lakes but with a population of around 30,000 residents. This is one of the prestigious neighborhoods in Orlando that offers a blend of small-town suburbs completed with a luxurious lifestyle.

Windermere is best for those who do not enjoy severe winters. The sunny, clear skies all year round make it the best and most comfortable place to live. It is a safe and quiet town for residents who are doing their best to regulate traffic to preserve the natural beauty and quaintness of this small town.

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Community in Windermere

Windermere has a small-knit community which makes the town a special place to live in. Since it is just within a radius of 2 miles, it is quite easy to know your neighbors.

People are very warm and friendly since a majority of residents can be considered to belong to urbanized sophistication. These are educated people with professional occupations and enjoy the finer things of staying in close-knit community life.


Windermere is one of the safest places in Florida. The only police station is right in the middle of the town and anyone who lives there is pretty aware of the law enforcement.

People are compelled to drive at a speed of 30mph. Many homes are right beside the main road and people keep crossing the roads frequently.


Most of the schools are top-rated but the Orange County Public School of the district has the best reputation. Windermere is also quite close to the top colleges in Central Florida and some of them are hardly 30 minutes away.

There are much more reasons to call Windermere a home. The good reputation of this quaint place is due to the residents, schools, and jobs. When people get comfortable and contended lifestyle to live, crimes will certainly tend to be lower.


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