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VCE Tutoring: How Do You Know If You Need It?

If you are the one studying VCE or have a child doing the same, you know how stressful these two years can get. A demanding, meticulous schedule is made for industrious children to secure the best academic results. As such, VCE tutoring will help students flourish academically and learn communication, confidence, and time management skills.

As they are pushed to their limits in a personal and academic sense, a little help is expected. But to understand things further, read the information below.

The Challenges

For those in the 11th and 12th grades, studying for the VCE can be seen as quite a challenging task. It all narrows down to time management and subject selections in Year 10, access to certain resources, performing subject scaling, and paying attention to the ATAR requirements that bring the candidate a step closer to their dream university and the GAT. All of this marks a highly complex time in your child’s life. And this is why it can be extremely stressful for them to navigate it alone.

The Tutor

Some of the goals you or your kid might have in mind are working out a structured study program, organising time correctly, reaching for wider resources, and planning for assessments. These are the general goals a child should have in their last two years of secondary education in Victoria. And if you are the parent, you wish to help and provide your child with as much support as possible.

But suppose you have limited knowledge regarding the demands of VCE or are not freshly out of school. In that case, you might have difficulty helping out. You require someone on the ground level who will not hesitate to be on your child’s side. As such, a VCE tutor is perfect for this!

How Is It Different From Tuition?

VCE tutors work extremely hard, and they have to structure and deliver their content with the help of study scores and percentages. This is usually at the back of their minds, and they give everything to help the child succeed.

Their work ranges from answering emails at odd times, marking drafts, and providing time outside of class to form bonds with their students so that they feel welcome and valued and come up with genuine doubts. On the other hand, a school teacher is a single person.

There is only so much school teachers can do in the time they get with your child, and this prevents them from offering a one-on-one service tailored to your child’s aptitude, goals, and requirements. Hence, VCE tutoring is one of the best gifts you can give your child because everyone’s learning style is different.

This determines their level of ability, and VCE tutors understand this perfectly. They tap into the knowledge the children impart from their teachers and make do with it to fit the child’s learning style.

Most VCE students require tutoring because they need to prioritise tasks while managing their time. They need different perspectives to tap in to obtain a detailed understanding of a subject on a contextual level. Meanwhile, most children require study habits that are effective enough to help them understand a subject from a learned perspective, and a surface-level analysis will not suffice. And when they reach the “slump”, VCE students need help to stay motivated. So, reach out to the best tutoring centres near you to find a program and a tutor who can help you or your child clear the exams with flying colours.


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