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The Three Types of Lightings For Your Home Sweet Home

Lights are an essential part of any home, and they can often be one of the make-or-break factors of your abode. But sometimes you can miss out on how vital they are!

Well, this blog doesn’t forget the importance of lights and, in fact, looks into the various types of lights you can pick for your Aussie home.

Whether they are incandescent lamps or pendant lights in Australia, it is always great to have some perspective on the options you can explore. Read on to know more.

General lighting

In Australia, lighting accounts for approximately 10% of the average household budget for electricity. Most of these expenses are brought about by general lighting. However, since the advent of light-emitting diodes or LEDs, people have been experiencing lower lighting costs in the recent decade.

So the first type of lighting is known as general lighting or ambient lighting. These lights are usually the primary source for lighting up a room and ensure that the entire space has broad lighting.

General lighting is also responsible for the overall mood and vibe of the room and is thus, referred to as ambient lighting. In case your room has a lot of natural light, you will see that it will be your primary source of general lighting during the day.

You can use several general lighting fixtures, from pretty chandeliers to recessed lights.

Task lighting

Just like its name, task lighting is used for performing particular tasks such as writing, cooking, gaming, sewing, and balancing chequebooks. On a general note, your task lighting should not have any shadows or glare but should still be bright, so there’s no eye strain.

Task lighting has many benefits, such as adding and providing focused light for tasks that may have an accent or ambient lighting already. You will also be able to see objects that have lower contracts or that are smaller in size. Moreover, there will be an enhanced accuracy in tasks you pick up.

You will usually find task lighting in the form of a flexible neck or swing arm, typically set up in or near a workspace, and as a crucial part of the commercial design.

When you look at the standard fixtures for task lighting, you can include recessed fixtures, portable or desk lamps, under-cabinet lighting, and pendant lights in Australia.

Accent lighting

If you aim to create visual interest and add drama to a specific space in your Australian home, accent lighting should be your pick. You can use accent lighting to highlight houseplants, sculptures, bookcases, wall textures, painting, outdoor landscaping, and drapery.

Such lighting will be concentrated at a single point so that all your attention can be brought to one position. You will usually need three times the light for a focal point than your general ambient lighting in the nearby area.

Furthermore, these lightings are a perfect fit for outdoor areas like gardens and architecture and are referred to as outdoor accent lighting – sconces, track lights, or picture lights.


 Wrapping up

Well, that’s it from this blog on all things lighting. All these lights together transform into a well-lit and maintained house. If you are plotting on building a home and setting up its lights, it is best to make a great culmination of all three of these lights.


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