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Top YouTube Channels for Aspiring Photographers

Photography is one of the most admired art forms in the world today. People are more inclined toward using their photography skills to become famous content creators in the world. Learning photography, photography skills and techniques, and some cheat points that can help you get amazing photography skills has been made easy by experts and photography maestros on YouTube. Now all you need to worry about is getting yourself a good quality camera and the will to learn.

It is possible because people today have internet services at home, offices, and schools and access to YouTube and social media platforms. Social media platforms provide a pool of information posted by photography gurus from around the world that you can take inspiration from. You can get the best internet connection by Xfinity that can get you the most affordable packages like Xfinity performance plus. You can save a lot of money using these packages. Here are a few YouTube channels that you can have a look at if you are an aspiring photographer:

Jared Polin

Username: JaredPolin

Subscribers: 1,290,000

Photographers are always on the lookout for getting the best composition and that’s the only thing that bothers them a lot. Jared Polin is one of the YouTubers who teaches millions of subscribers and uses a number of different tutorials using multiple tutorials and videos. So if you are a beginner or a pro, then you can start watching his tutorials

Kai W

Username: UCknMR7NOY6ZKcVbyzOxQPhw

Subscribers: 896,000

Kai W had a channel that goes by the name Digital Rev that consisted of photography tutorials and some amazing techniques that he learned over time. The channel has more than 800 thousand subscribers and teaches you almost everything that you want to know about shutters, new cameras, and gear. He will guide you right from the buying stage and when you will start clicking some awesome photos. Also, Kai will get you through lessons about videography as well.

The Art of Photography

Username: theartofphotography

Subscribers: 690,000

Everybody in the world has their own style of taking pictures and the way they can make it more appealing and charming for the audience. You might think for a moment that you are getting lessons from Ted Forbes who has his own way of explaining camera positions, adjustments, technical details, compositions, but it is the most amazing method of learning photography. This is what all photographers should have a clear picture about and also know the theoretical aspect of the trade. The theoretical aspect of photography does exist and is overlooked by many. Apart from learning the art of photography using a camera, he also gets you acquainted with mobile photography as well as using different phone models.

Jamie Windsor

Username: jamiewindsor

Subscribers: 373,000

Jamie is one of the best photographers who can get you up and close with stunning videography and photography skills. Jamie is by far one of the most resourceful individuals who can get you through a journey of supercool skills on color, composition, angles, concepts that you might not be able to get in touch with anywhere else.

Jessica Kobessi

Username: jessicakphoto

Subscribers: 1,820,000

Jessica is one of the best still photographers in the world and will get you through an amazing journey of techniques. You can get tips on portrait photography and a simplified guide about different photography gear and equipment that you might want to use or you might be using them but don’t know their full potential. She has some fantastic and creative tips to share to add some super cool details to your photoshoots and add up the creative features that all photographers miss out on frequently.

Peter McKinnon

Username: petermckinnon24


Peter McKinnon is considered as one of the top-notch photographers and videographers who can get you up and close with the best coaching on making some killer transitions, using colors, positioning your camera and help you know the true potential of camera gear. Also, if you are into landscape photography, Peter can help you know how to take some outstanding shots of your life.

Final Thoughts

Photography is a skill that can help you enter a new dimension of creativity and will help you look at things differently. Also, in the current digital age, it is one of the most admired skills that you can have. These amazing individuals can help you understand the basics and the pro-level things that you might want to know about photography. So get in touch with any of these individuals and get to know your camera and photography in a different way.

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