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Top reasons why you should pursue a BA LLB course

Top reasons why you should pursue a BA LLB course

The study of law has become a popular choice among students due to its scope and possibilities. Corporations and firms are expanding to several parts of the globe providing legal professionals with a chance to serve clients from different parts of the world.

A BA LLB course (Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law) is the perfect choice for students looking to enter the legal profession. The skills learned from this course help you to land financially rewarding job opportunities and provide chances for personal and professional growth.

If you are confused about pursuing a BA LLB course after your school, read this article to find out the benefits of choosing it.

  • Demand for specialized degrees

A BA LLB course makes you a graduate in arts and law subjects. There are also options to specialize in a particular subject of law such as criminal studies, labour, energy, media, corporate, etc. A specialized degree is more valuable in the job market than the rest of them. 

An integrated degree in the field of law and arts gives you an edge over other candidates in the competitive job sector.

  • Overall development

Studying an integrated course helps in your professional and personal growth. You can apply your knowledge of these subjects in the field of your choice. As a law and literature student, you will develop creative and critical values that will help you in all phases of life.

  • Financial independence and job security

Law is a field that is never out of demand. Combining law with arts increases your value and reputation. Besides, there is job security which many other jobs cannot offer. Whatever the situation may be clients and organizations will be out there needing legal help. This means you have job security like any other profession.

A career in law is also financially rewarding and helps you to be financially independent.

  • Global opportunities

The demand for lawyers is on the rise globally. With corporates establishing their global presence, the need for legal advisors and solicitors is also increasing. With the right qualification, you can work for these works in different parts of the world. 

Countries like Canada have tests like the NCA assessment in place to test your eligibility to practice law in a foreign country. Once you clear these and the barrister exams, you can start working there too.

  • Career prospects

The career prospects in the field of law are plenty and extend to every nook and corner of the world. A few of the popular career opportunities in the law industry are legal advisor, lawyer, solicitor, legal writer, legal assistant, law compliance officer, legal magistrate, legal manager, etc. You can start from the basics as a fresher and then climb up with years of experience.

  • Time-saving

Pursuing an integrated course like BA LLB is time-saving as it is completed within 5 years. Rather than pursuing an undergraduate degree for 3 years and then opting for LLB for another 3 years which takes up a lot of time, pursuing a BA LLB saves you a lot of energy and time.

So, choose a BA LLB course from a recognised institution and be a part of the legal system.



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