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How to add Smart Security Cameras to your existing Business Alarm System

It’s safe to assume that most businesses have alarm systems, but it’s not as common to have fully integrated video solutions that provide instant surveillance feedback. 

You might not feel comfortable admitting it, but you’re always at risk of unpredictable crime and break-ins if you own a business. If you want to be in charge, it’s up to you to ensure you have the most sophisticated alarm and surveillance system to protect your employees, property, and, ultimately, your legacy.

Most camera systems often lack the solid integration necessary for you to react adequately and respond to the unimaginable. Many people might even consider replacing their wired alarm system by buying a wireless system that includes both alarms and cameras to swap out their existing wired alarm system. We recommend not doing this because wireless systems are often easy to jam and hack with wireless tools. They are simply not as secure as wired systems. The camera solutions offered included with these are also not that great.

IPTECHVIEW is the ultimate cloud video surveillance solution that offers high-level security camera alarm integration technology without the fuss. You can start by deploying only one camera to get alarm system integration and immediate video verification capability within seconds. The alarm-system integration is included with the basic cloud surveillance platform and works with practically any wired alarm system.

Like Verkada and Meraki, which are higher-priced competitors, IPTECHVIEW uses cloud-direct camera technology, and the setup couldn’t be any easier. Cameras arrive at your door pre-configured and don’t require any local server connection. Simply connect using an ethernet cable connected to a power-over-Ethernet adaptor or switch, and you’re ready to go!

When all you have to worry about is a camera and the cloud, it’s easier to start out modest to get a feel for the technology and work your way up to a full-blown video surveillance system. With AlarmReady cameras’ simple alarm system integration, you’ll be able to receive alerts in seconds and react rapidly.

With alarm video verification, you get instant access to all camera activity around the time of your alarm. This makes it quicker for you to determine if you’re dealing with a false alarm or if you need to have the company dispatch the police. You can even provide the police with a link to connect with your security system any time, 24 hours a day.  


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