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Tips on Using Udrive in the United Arab Emirates

Does the phrase Anywhere, everywhere ring a bell? C’mon, it shouldn’t take that long if you know. Ok! How about the sight of some fancy cars covered in green and white print? Yeah, the Udrive!

Before we proceed, I’ll like to introduce the author of this great article. Udrive is gradually leading the way in transportation services and The Watchtower – Web Design Agency Dubai, wants you to be fully informed about it.

The Udrive, which happens to be one of the notable car rental services in the UAE that does a notch beyond the conventional car rental as we are used to; matter of fact, it is the Middle East’s first pay-per-minute car-sharing provider, offering car rental via mobile access on the street.

For a large portion of residents in Dubai, vehicle ownership remains a necessity, either for their daily commute or for regular travel, considering its terrain. However, many visitors and residents who do not need to travel as frequently consider renting a car for a short period, often for less than the packages offered by regular rent-a-car services in Dubai.

The Udrive with its unique cutting-edge rendering car-sharing services works on a pay-by-the-minute model and with new-age technology of IoT [Internet of Things] which enables contactless and safe on-demand self-drive. The key value of Udrive is its customers and its ability to provide a low-cost service. When compared to any other on-demand car rental service, the more you drive, the more you save.

Furthermore, Udrive guarantees that you will still have a car in the mall parking lot after a shopping trip or even a football game. The ability to use the service for a short trip with convenient billing and no minimum requirements is amongst its unique features.

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Considering the times we live in, social distancing, and various restrictions imposed by the UAE Government, Udrive also provides contactless driving and full control, allowing riders to book via their app, select the vehicle type, track its location, and enjoy hassle-free payment options with start and end trips anywhere, any day, and at any time.


Having said all that, how then can we use the Udrive?

“Drive yourself to an adventure and back in 5 simple steps” as it is said on their platform; see information below for your guide.


Simply sign up on the Udrive website or Mobile app while you enter all of the required documents and information, such as your Emirates ID or a valid driving license, and Debit/Credit card to become a user.

PIN & Activation

Udrive typically takes up to four hours to verify your data after one has provide the necessary information. Customers can even request immediate activation if necessary and once completed, the service sends the customer an activation email with their PIN.

Getting geared up

The Udrive app finds vast applications in finding and unlocking vehicles in the service. After unlocking your designated vehicle, enter the pin on the device located on the dashboard. This automatically starts the car. The device also serves as a storage location for the car key, as keys are usually placed inside the Udrive terminal which is in the glove box, in front of the front passenger seat. Once activated, users can drive the Udrive vehicles and return them to any location within the same city or area from which they began their journey.


Payment is usually passed within 48 hours after the trip is ended. In this phase, an email is sent to the registered email address provided, and should there be a need for Salik or other fines, a separate invoice would be sent to the effect once received by the concerned departments.


  • Here are some other pointers I believe could come in handy while using this service; kindly note that.
  • While pulling up to the nearest authorized filling station to top up fuel when going below 15% would earn you points, I mean some free extra 10 minutes, it is pertinent to note that failure to top after observation/notification would warrant a fine.
  • I know you may want to enjoy that ride with your pet, well, guess who will get fined? You!
  • Is the service open to everyone? No! You have to be at least 23 and own a driver’s license, be it local or otherwise.
  • When you get fined during your journey, charges would be sent across in 5 business days.
  • Upon ending a trip, ensure to park within the same state or any of the Dubai RTA parking zones and must be in an open parking lot [without a ceiling] to ensure ease of tracking.


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