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Elements of a linesheet template:

Line sheets provide you the perfect opportunity to introduce your product to the customer. It acts as a virtual presentation that convinces the buyer to purchase your product. However, there are some aspects of a linesheet template that you need to consider before handing out the sheet to the vendor.


When designing a line sheet, you need to think as both a designer and an observer. You should imagine yourself as an observer. It helps you better understand the customer’s requirements on the line sheet.

Think about the minimum information that you require before ordering.Think about all the specifications you will consider when choosing between two products of the same category.


The general layout plays a vital role in any line sheet. Each Linesheet template is suitable for a specific amount of products. You can include anywhere between 1-15 products in these templates.

A suitable layout makes it easier for you to populate the sales sheet. It also helps the customer tounderstand your product lineage better. A good structure presents the information in a simple yet attractive manner and easily accessible by the reader.

General design:

Each element of the line sheet should be placed in the right place. It makes the information easily accessible. The general layout for any line sheet is as follows:

  • The header is anessential portion of any sheet.
    • It is the first thing noticed by any observer.
    • Make sure to include the correct information in it.
    • It makes your sheet unique from the others.
  • Brand name and logo have to be present at the header of every page.
  • Include page numbering in case of multiple sheets. It helps in keeping track of the document.
  • Provide the contact information at the very end of the line sheet.
    • Include information such as phone number, email address, postal address, and website.
    • Make sure that the contact information is written in a readable font and is easy to understand.
  • Place the product information in the following order:
    • A high-quality product image should be placed at the top.
    • Product name in bold letters placed right under the image.
    • Product specifications should come under the name.
      • Make sure that these specifications are easy to understand.
      • Create headings such as size, color, etc., and write information in front of the respective title.
    • Include price at the very end. Be sure to write the price and any discounts in large bold font.
  • Font plays an essential role in any document. Make sure your font is unique and easy to read.

Color Scheme:

Always choose an attractive color scheme in your line sheet. The colors should represent your brand and the products. Be sure only to use a limited amount of coloring to make it look professional. Color also has a profound impact on the customer’s mood. He may prefer your product over others just because he likes the color combination of your sales sheet.


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