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This Fragrance Reimagines Fougere To Enclose A New World Of Freshness

“Fougere” is a very traditional and masculine fragrance that, for the most part, doesn’t produce much in terms of diversity. This article discusses how “Anise” by Aromatic Star rethinks fougere as a fresh fragrance that enfolds multiple layers of masculinity.

What is Fougere?

Dior sauvage is a light, refreshing fragrance that embodies the modern woman. Created by Jean-Claude Ellena, Fougere is a floral scent with a touch of citrus. It is perfect for summertime because it is light and airy. Fougere has a unique, feminine smell that envelops you in a new world of freshness.

How Men Perceive Fougere

It’s no surprise that men perceive fougere scents differently than women. After all, this masculine scent category is designed to evoke a sense of confidence, power and virility. Here are six ways in which fougere scents can play into male fragrances preferences:

1. Fougere scents can be refreshing and invigorating, perfect for summertime.

2. Fougere scents can evoke a sense of cleanliness or freshness, making them ideal for hygiene-focused fragrances.

3. Fougere scents can be more delicate and flowery, making them more appealing to those who prefer softer, feminine fragrances.

4. Fougere scents can be more musky and woodsy, making them appealing to those who like heavier scents.

5. Fougere scents can be less overpowering, allowing them to be layered for a more complex fragrance experience.

Why Do Brands Target Men With Fougere?

Many people believe that  dior sauvage Fougere fragrances are meant for women. However, this perception is slowly starting to change as more and more men are beginning to wear these fragrances. Why? Fougere fragrances contain a blend of spices and woodsy notes that create an aromatic smell that is both masculine and comforting. Additionally, they often have a citrusy scent that refreshes the wearer.

In today’s world, it is important for brands to target specific demographics in order to reach their target market. Fougere fragrances are perfect for men because they appeal to their sense of smell and make them feel confident and powerful. Additionally, they can help men stand out from the crowd, which can be beneficial in the job market or when networking. By targeting men with Fougere fragrances, brands are able to create a unique selling proposition that attracts consumers of all ages.


Dior sauvage Fragrances are often thought to be solely for women, but this fragrance proves that men can enjoy the fruity, floral scents as well. Fougere is a light and refreshing fragrance that embodies everything that makes springtime such a joyous time of year. With its bright notes of citrus and flowers, Fougere will transport you away to a new world of freshness where all your troubles seem far away.


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