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The Never-Ending Indian Fantasy And Excitement For IPL!

Cricket has been the love of the Indians from eternity. This love of cricket does not have any limitations or boundaries, nor does it have an end. So it’s pretty understandable why Indians are so in love with the cricket dream. It might look like humor, but cricket has more potential to bring mass change. Cricket is auspiciously accepted. It is almost like the “second religion” to practically all Indians irrespective of caste, color, creed, etc. Hence, no wonder all Indians are very excited during the IPL.

Anything about cricket is always exciting. People now love to play fantasy cricket and enjoy it on their phones as they watch the match live on their television—the thrill of their team winning multiplies as they watch the match while playing fantasy cricket.

But people love IPL even more than traditional test matches.

It’s because there are many excellent and good things associated with the IPL. And there are many obvious reasons but let’s discuss.

1 Celebration

In a country where cricket is practically a religion, IPL is like a festival. Unfortunately, most people do not know origination or any stories related to celebrations. But still, everyone enjoys it.

People openly ask their bosses that they need leaves for IPL as if it’s a Diwali. But that’s how comparable the spirit of overall atmosphere that IPL brings.

Apps like fantasy cricket have also become more and more popular due to IPL, which only adds the fun of watching the match live.

  1. New Friendships

A lot of cricketers are enemies in real long matches. But the IPL Somehow turned the opposing team’s cricketers into friends. And these scenes are very fantastic to experience. People cursing each other in international tournaments are now turning into friends. There have been a lot of such cases. It might look small to people who are not into sports much. But it matters a lot to people who are cricket fans. It immediately becomes associated with their emotions and happiness.

  1. It breaks regional barriers

In the IPL, many different players from different cities and states participate. These events are a chance to resolve any neighboring state conflicts. And when people see so many interstate and intercity players playing together. They experience what we call a “national spirit.”

  1. Huge crowds in Stadiums

You have to say cricket, and you will see a massive crowd in the stadium eagerly waiting to watch the match. There is a metaphor that what government statistics can’t cover stadiums can! Once you see those stadiums, you realize the actual number of fans that your nation possesses. It reveals both emotions and love people have towards cricket and IPL.

5.Cricket Dream

Like there is something called the “Korean Dream.” Then something called the “American dream.” Finally, there is something called a cricket dream. It’s a dream of most Indians to take a picture with their favorite cricketer. To play with them or be like them. It’s not even a little less for them than being a Hollywood or Bollywood celebrity. A cricketer is almost like a demigod who possesses mysterious powers. Cricket is the ultimate fantasy.

  1. High-level Event

IPL shows some level of national prowess and power. It demonstrates that Indians can hold events internally without international support.

These are some reasons why people are so excited during the IPL period. And it reveals their love of cricket.


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