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4 Risks of Not Protecting Your BBQ Grill with a High-Quality Grill Cover

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, outdoor meetings and get-togethers became obsolete for almost two years. Thankfully, vaccines are now widely available, and people are allowed to have meetings and get-togethers outdoors. That’s why many homeowners have invested in outdoor living tools like BBQs and grills.

In many parts of the world, BBQ season is in full force. If you’ve purchased a grill – you can enjoy this season of backyard parties, grilled meats, and veggies. But, like any other home appliance – buying a grill is a major purchase. Naturally, homeowners want to protect their expensive home appliances and make them last as long as possible.

The best way to protect your grill is by getting a premium-quality grill cover. A high-quality cover will extend your grill’s life by shielding it from the weather, pest, other outdoor risks. What will happen if you don’t take on this added cost of covering your grill? Here are four risks you undertake by not getting a high-quality cover for your grill –

  • Your Grill and Its Key Parts Will Lose their Quality

Grill covers are designed to protect the different components of BBQ grills from external risks like moisture and dust. When you don’t cover your grill, these metal parts start rusting. Even if you store your grill in a dry, cold spot, the risk of rusting is ever-present without a cover. The steel/aluminum parts on your grill need protection. That’s what covers provide.

These covers are typically made of water-resistant materials like polyester or vinyl. Moisture can’t enter through these strong, water-resistant materials. Hence, your BBQ grill remains moisture-free every time it is fully covered.

  • Your Grill Will Stop Looking Good

The glossy exterior of your grill won’t stay glossy for too long if it’s constantly covered in dirt, dust, etc. Here are some external risks that your grill faces every time it is left uncovered –

  • Dirt
  • Water spots
  • Leaves
  • Pine needles from trees
  • Sap
  • Pollen
  • Chemical products (e.g., pesticides)

Limiting your grill’s exposure to these external risks is critical for ensuring its long life. A strong and durable cover can prevent these threats from damaging your precious grill. Your grill will stay clean every time it’s not being used. Hence, cleaning the grill for your next grilling session will also be easier.

  • Your Grill Will Become a Breeding Ground for Pests

Uncovered grills attract pests, insects, and other critters. These creatures are attracted to the food smells that come from your grill. If the grill is open and uncovered, it will be swarmed by pests. Apart from pest contamination, an uncovered grill is also prone to attracting bird feces and nests.

  • Your Food Quality Will Drop

If your grill is constantly getting affected by dirt, insects, and external risks, cooking good food on it is difficult. Cooking on an unclean or rusty grill is never healthy. People may mistakenly consume dirt, rust-infected meat, or food contaminated with pollen. These are the reasons why properly caring for your grill is vital.

The first and the most critical step to caring for your grill is getting a high-quality cover!


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