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My experience with iSchoolConnect | Honest Testimonials

A company’s ratings on Google (4.6) and Facebook (4.9) ought to be a clear indication of sincere customer service. These endorsements and reviews are about the cutting-edge edtech platform iSchoolConnect. These are the results of guiding thousands of students through the challenging process of applying for higher education abroad, with an astounding success rate of 98%. 

However, you don’t have to be content with only this data and figures. In this blog, I discuss my experience with iSchoolConnect. Besides, a few of my fellow batch mates currently living their best lives and pursuing their dreams of studying abroad with me also shared their experiences with iSchoolConnect. Read about all of it here. 

My personal experience 

I consulted iSchoolConnect for guidance on pursuing my master’s abroad, which was very beneficial. The counselors assisted me at every stage, from picking the courses and universities to applying for scholarships and getting a visa. Working with them made the application process for a study abroad program remarkably easy. 

My interactions with the counselors at iSchoolConnect have been wonderful. They helped me understand and narrow down my search for universities that would best support my goals. 

The most crucial part was the cost; they were there at every step to help me make a choice and inform me about funding & scholarship options. In my opinion, anyone looking for advice on studying abroad should contact them without a doubt. 

What do my seniors and fellow aspirants have to say?

One of my friends is pursuing his MS in Civil Engineering from Trinity College, Dublin, referred me to iSchoolConnect. And this is what he has to say “I had a wonderful experience. They provided me with a wealth of resources that helped me with everything from finding the ideal university and writing my SOP to preparing for my VISA interview. Their counselors are competent at what they do. I wanted to attend school in Ireland, but most of the college counselors I spoke with recommended universities in the USA, UK, or Canada. iSchoolConnect and two other consultancies respected my wishes and did not push me. After comparison, I decided to connect with iSC because they were the less expensive choice. ” 

My batch mate, who is currently pursuing her MBA in Marketing Management at a prestigious university in the US, says, “I had been to one of their study abroad fests and had a fantastic experience. They supported me in pursuing my dreams of studying abroad. The counselor assigned to me patiently addressed all of my queries. Based on what I’ve seen and experienced, iSchoolConnect not only helps students with the process of studying abroad but also with test preparation. Even though I only chose their study abroad option, I am confident that the aspirants will find their test prep options helpful, given their excellent track record. Additionally, their experts are accessible around-the-clock, so I didn’t face any roadblocks. ” 


These are just a few first-hand experiences; there are many more. Although each anecdote is unique, a theme runs through them all. It talks about transparency, reliability, and helpfulness. Everyone I know who received advice from iSchoolConnect is content with their choice. So, if you dream of studying abroad, let iSchoolConnect be the guiding light you need, and you won’t regret it.  


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