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Connect the router or the switch first

​Someone asks whether to connect the router or the switch first? Connect the router or the switch first. There is no fixed sequence for this question. You can connect according to your actual situation, but there are still certain differences between the two.

In comparison, users who connect to the switch first have a slower Internet access rate, while users who connect to the router first have a faster Internet access rate. The order of connecting the switch first and then the router is generally applicable to large computer rooms, Internet cafes, etc., The order of connecting the router first and then the switch is generally suitable for computer rooms, offices, and when more family members use the Internet. If you want more users to access the Internet, connect the switch first and then the router; If you connect to the router first, you can add ports to the router. Finally, pay attention to the fact that the router provides a firewall, while the switch does not have a firewall.

General Home Network Topology Sequence

  1. Trunk access, as the last device from the operator to the user, the optical modem is responsible for connecting with the operator’s trunk optical cable. In addition to the non-backbone ports, it generally has network interfaces, IPTV interfaces, voice interfaces, optical modem network interfaces and routers WAN port to connect.
  2. To set up the route, the WAN port of the router needs to be set to PPPOE dial-up mode, enter the broadband account and password given to you by the operator and connect, set the wireless name and password of the router, which is used for wireless terminal access, the LAN port of the router is the same as Switch to connect, if there are few LAN devices, you can directly connect to the computer network card port.
  3. Connect the switch and the computer. The port of the switch is connected to the LAN port of the router, and any port is connected to the network card interface of the computer. If there are few devices in the LAN, the switch is not a necessary access device and can be omitted.

What is the difference between a router and a switch?

The functions of the two are fundamentally different. For example, a switch means that there are more network cable interfaces. For example, if you have ten people on the Internet, but there are not so many router interfaces, you can plug in the switch.

But if you want to surf the Internet, you can’t just use a switch. At this time, you must use a router, because this will automatically dial up and transmit wireless signals.

Switches are divided into two categories, one is commonly used in our homes, which we call ordinary LAN switches, and the other is divided into operators’ wide-area switches.

For routers, we can use wired connection or wireless connection. Of course, you still need to connect the cable first, and then you can splicing routers in order to spread the signal, but the router networking is very troublesome, so we usually use it together with the switch and the router. This kind of thing will be used more in the enterprise. For families, you can use the general route.

In addition, the theoretical layers of the two are different, the routing is at the network layer, and the switch is at the data link layer. get the spotocertification cost


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