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Improve your menu with these beverages

Appease the thirst of your target customers while dining in your restaurant—Curate a modern drink and beverage menu for your guests. Put different beverages in specific categories so your patrons won’t have difficulty choosing the drinks they want to order while they dine in your restaurant.

You can employ QR code menu software to help you categorize and customize your menu accordingly. The QR code menu software allows you to personalize your menu and create different drink categories.

For instance, if you have a selection of coffee beverages, then you can create a Caffeine category on your interactive menu. You can also develop Milkshakes, Fresh Juice, and others in your classes for a diverse selection of beverages.

Include these beverages on your menu to serve customers comfortably.

Types of drinks

Drinks are typically necessities in restaurants, diners, cafes, and even al fresco dining. It helps quench the thirst of your target customers while they dine in your establishment.

You can create a menu QR code to allow customers to seamlessly order different beverages on their tables. 

Here is a selection of drinks and beverages you can serve inside your establishment to offer a diverse service to customers.

Caffeine Drinks

While everyone is on-the-go, running errands, or wants to awaken their sleeping patterns, include caffeine drinks in your menu.

These caffeine drinks will surely boost the energy of your customers all day. You may want to include a variety of caffeine drinks in your menu, from hot to ice to latte drinks and even to caramel ones. There are a lot of opportunities you can do to choose the best caffeine drinks for your customers.

Remember to include the most basic type of coffee in your restaurant: espresso. It is made by pushing hot water through the coffee grounds. Espresso is also the main ingredient for coffee drinks like latte, americano, cappuccino, flat white, macchiato, and cortado. 

Create a Caffeine category on your interactive menu QR code to serve these energy boosters.


Milkshakes are one of the favorite drinks in some restaurants and diners. It also quenches the thirst of your target customers while they dine in your restaurant.

It is typically a blended, sweet beverage with milk, ice cream, and other flavorings like fruits, chocolate syrups, caramel sauce, and butterscotch.

Most of these milkshakes are made from dairy products, but you can also cater to your vegan and lactose-intolerant customers with non-dairy-based milkshakes.

For instance, you can substitute the usual milk and ice cream with plant-based milk like almond milk, coconut milk, and soy milk. This will allow you to cater to diverse customers inside your restaurant.

Fresh Juice

Fresh juice is also one of the favorite drinks in restaurants. It comes from different fruits, vegetables, and citrus blended well with ice or hot water.

You can use in-season produce to serve heavily fresh and healthy juice for your customers, like spinach, cucumber, and others.

Aside from that, you can also juice up some citrus like lemon, orange, and others to serve fresh citrus juice to your customers.

You can mix and match different ingredients to create a fiber-rich juice for your customers. For instance, you can have carrots, pineapple, and ginger juice for a refreshing taste. You can also have lemon-ginger turmeric wellness juice for your health-craze customers.

There are different recipes you can do to make fresh juice. Make sure that the citrusy and fruity flavors complement well with each other.

Final thoughts

With all the caffeine, milkshake, and fresh juice selection on your menu, remember always to offer the basic beverages to customers.

You can also serve up cola drinks, soft drinks, and water bottles to quench their cravings.

Make sure to use a QR code menu software to streamline your services to customers while running a hectic business.

Remember to always offer a comfortable dining experience to your target customers and make them want more inside your restaurant.


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