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How Do I Configure An Account And Preferences In getmail?

There are many settings that you can tweak in getmail, but the more important ones are: what your account should use as its primary email address, who people should contact if they have a question about your account, and how you handle attachments to email sent to you. It might seem like a daunting task to configure all these settings, but it’s not really that hard!

What Are Configurations?

Configurations are the different settings in getmail that affect how the program works. You can configure different aspects of your email system, such as what addresses get sent to, where messages are stored, and how messages are delivered.

Where Is My getmailrc File?

This article will show you how to locate and access your getmailrc file. By default, getmail stores your configuration in ~/.getmail/getmailrc. If you have multiple domains configured in your account, the getmailrc file might be located in a different location on each server. You can also specify a global getmailrc file when you configure getmail using the –global option.

How Do I Enable My Own Address Extension?

When it comes to getmail, you have a few options for configuring your address extension. One option is to simply enter the fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) of your mail server in the “Server:Port” field when creating an account. If you’re using a hosted mail server, you can also specify the IP address or hostname of your mail server in this field.:

If you’re using a local mail server, you’ll need to configure getmail to use your domain name as the address extension. To do this, open getmail’s configuration file ( ~/.getmail/getmailrc on Unix-like systems, C:\Program Files\Mail Server\getmail.exe on Windows), and add the following line to the bottom of the file:

address_extensions = mydomain

You can also set this preference in getmail’s preferences window (accessible by clicking File -> Preferences in getmail’s main window).

How Can I View The Configuration?

If you are familiar with getmail and have set up an account, you can view the configuration by clicking on the Configuration link in the main navigation bar. This will open the Configuration window. You can also access this window by clicking on the Settings link in the main navigation bar.


I hope this article on how to configure an account and preferences in getmail has been of help. Getting your email delivered the way you want it is important, and I’ve outlined the steps necessary for getting getmail set up just the way you like it. Whether you’re using an IMAP server or a POP3 server, getting getmail configured properly is essential for ensuring that your messages are delivered on time and in the format that you need them. Thanks for reading!



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