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5 reasons why Students should use a Paraphrasing Tool for Assignments!

What do students hate the most in their lives? Making assignments. The purpose of an assignment is to make a student contemplate and practice the concerned topic. But as they say, excess of everything is bad.

 It is no secret that most students struggle to submit their assignments on time. This creates a feeling of unrest among students.

According to a study conducted by Stanford University, 56% of students have coined homework as their primary stressor. Excessive assignments don’t allow students to spend time with their family and friends. It has also been shown to harm students’ health.

We believe the student should use online paraphrasing tools to make their assignments.

Why should students use paraphraser for assignments?

We know that while writing long descriptive assignments and reports, students often have to rewrite an author’s views without any addition. They also need to paraphrase while writing a literature review of the thesis to give reference to previous research.

The paraphraser is an online tool which is powered by advanced natural language processing algorithms. It can generate multiple versions of a single content in no time.

Some students struggle with their writing skills. They understand the key concepts and crux of a topic, but they cannot depict it in their written manuscript. A quality article rewriter can drastically improve the outlook of their assignments.

For students studying in a foreign language, these tools can provide grammatical accuracy and linguistic prowess to remove errors from their assignments.

Due to these reasons, we believe that students should use paraphrasing tools in their assignments.

5 Writing Tips for students to use paraphrasing Tools

After getting an introduction to paraphrasing tools, let us understand their use.  These are the 5 writing tips for students to use a paraphrasing tool.

  • Improve readability

Writing is not a child’s play. To write effectively you need to display coherence, argumentation, proper structuring, and conclusion. Every sentence should enhance the previous discussion and leave your examiner curious for the next one. Readability differentiates an excellent assignment from an average one.

Sadly, most students don’t know this art. This problem of not being able to showcase their knowledge causes a reduction in assignment marks.

 To overcome that, students should consult quality paraphrasers.

Consider the following sentence:

Original sentence:

“It rained a lot in 1816…. a lot – like everyday; the weather in Europe was abnormally wet because it rained in Switzerland on 130 out of the 183 days from April to September. If I was Mary Shelley I might decide to write a book too.”

Now put paraphraser to test by using this as input, The tool alters it like this.

In 1816 there was a lot of rain … a lot – like every day. Europe’s climate was extremely humid, with Switzerland raining for 130 days from 183 days in April to September. If I were Mary Shelley, I might decide to write a book.”

The changes have been highlighted in red. The paraphrase has replaced unnecessary verbal jargon with comprehendible language.

  1. Grammatical Accuracy

Students write assignments to get academic grades.  For getting good grades, your work should be free of grammatical errors. Every mistake is potential depreciation in marks. If you show carelessness here, all your hard work can go in vain.

Many students are enrolled in foreign language academic institutions.  Studying in foreign discourse has its disadvantages as a student can’t pick up all the grammatical nuances.  Hence, these students walk on a very thin line.

When faced with this situation, you should always consult a quality paraphraser. It can take up your initial draft, analyze it and then rephrase it with perfect grammar. Any assignment done with a rephraser will be error-free.

Consider the following example:

“Ahmed are a great student. His academic work were always up to date.”

This sentence contains grammatical errors of “are” and “work”.  When put through paraphraser, not only the text changes. It only removes both grammatical mistakes.

The revised version looks like this.

You can see that “are” has been replaced with “is” and “were” has been altered with “was” to make it grammatically perfect.

  1. Plagiarism Removal

Students must give references to previous research in their assignments and thesis reports.  They write a complete section of “Literature Review”, citing published research on the point of discussion.

 Quite often they fail to rewrite in their own words. And as a result, the plagiarism percentage goes beyond the tolerance limit. The examiners have access to paid plagiarism checkers, which can detect plagiarism in your document. 

Any assignment with an abnormal plagiarism percentage gets rejected and the person is deemed to be committing academic dishonesty.

If you are struggling to remove plagiarism from your writing, opt for an article rewriter.

To see it in practice, consider the following passage:

Unlike most journalistic stories or blogs, academic studies are the product of months or years of work; they can include analysis of large sets of data or carefully conducted experiments. A scholar might finish just a few important studies in his or her career, contributing incremental knowledge on a question that may have been studied for decades. Studies aspire to say as much as can definitively be known on a particular question, be it complex or seemingly self-evident.”

The plagiarism percentage of this article is 75%.

The passage looks like this after paraphrasing.

Unlike most newspapers or blogs, academic courses are the result of months or years of hard work. These may include the analysis of large amounts of data or detailed experiments. The researcher can carry out important research in his life and expand his knowledge of a subject that has been studied for decades. In a particular question, they want to know if it is complex or seemingly obvious, as far as it can be established with confidence.”

Now recheck the plagiarism percentage of this paraphrase.  It would drop to %.

By using this method students can remove plagiarism from their assignments.

  1. By Enhancing the overall quality

The students often lack the art of writing. In written assignments, the examiner rates you by your writing. Doesn’t matter how much you know, if you can’t present it, it is useless.

Every word has its nature and intensity. The words fear and terror show the different intensities of negative emotions. A good writer should know how to use the right word in the right place.

A word rephraser can take up your manuscript and improve its overall quality in an instant. So that students can learn how to become better writers and get good marks at the same time.

The above example shows one such example. On the left, you can see input text while on the right is the paraphrased text, which is better than the original.

  1. Sentence Structuring

Sentence structure is extremely important in making your points.  The readers lose interest when the sentence is too long while there’s always a risk of not conveying complete information with extremely short sentences.

A good sentence should be crisp, intriguing, and to the point.  The more students check their assignments through paraphrasing tools,  the better would be their sense of writing.

Final Words:

For students, assignments are the gateway to their academic grades. They must write them well to stand out among their peers. This article shows 5 writing tips for students to use paraphrasing tools for improving their assignments.

Use them well, practice them by heart, and soon you will start rocking your assignments.


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