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Find Out What Attracts People To Install A Plunge Pool

You want to get a pool for your property and consider various options for backyard swimming pools. You must have possibly come across plunge pools. The plunge pools are tremendously popular these days, specially in the suburbs and the cities. Do you think the plunge point can fulfill your desire to get a pool for your backyard?

In recent years, the size of backyards in Australian houses has decreased rapidly. It is mainly because of the larger home and high density. It is one of the reasons homeowners are opting for plunge pool as the solution. They are the perfect option for compact houses with limited space.

Homeowners have many questions, including the cost of building your own plunge pool. Gordon Ave Pools &Spa is here to assist you in making the decision. Gordon Ave Pools &Spa offers all the information and specification you need about the plunge pool. Skimp through the article to know more about these pools before getting one for your backyard.

Who can opt for plunge pools?

One of the primary questions people have regarding these pools is whether it is a good choice for them or not. Plunge pools are an ideal choice for many homeowners. It includes –

  • People who want to heat their pool with fewer expenses
  • People who want to reduce the cost of running a pool
  • People who want a pool with minimum maintenance
  • People who have a small backyard
  • People who want to enhance their well-being and health
  • People who want to have a pool gentler on the environment

Features of plunge pools

When getting a plunge pool, you need to know about its features. A variety of features makes these pools more versatile and increases the functionality of these dipping pools despite having a small size. These features include –

  • Swim jets
  • Heating system
  • Spa jets
  • Self-cleaning system
  • Lighting

Besides features, people mostly wonder about the cost of installing a plunge pool. The overall cost of a plunge pool varies greatly depending on various factors. Whether you wish to add extras to your reservoir or have good access to your backyard, the quality of fiberglass, the landscaping and fencing or the type of installation method you choose can add to the expenses.

The price of an in-ground plunge pool starts from around $13,000. However, you can get an extra discount. All you have to do is contact your local pool builder to get a quick onsite quote.

These pools give an opportunity for the homeowner with little space or a small backyard to own a swimming pool. It is something that makes it makes it a popular choice. A plunge pool is an excellent option for people with little kids who started gaining confidence in the water. It is also an ideal choice for homeowners in those in-built-up residential areas.

They need less maintenance and chemical for cleaning. At the same time, it can be a stunning statement piece for your yard without occupying much space. Above all, plunge pools allow you to de-stress, unwind and relax, which is good for your health and well-being.



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