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Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy Is The Future of Every Digital Business

The world is shifting from traditional to digital space. It is prominently visible in how consumers are interacting with brands. There is also a power shift – the purchasing power is in customers’ hands and is less influenced by TV commercials or display ads. They make educated buying decisions via search engine research.

For decades, businesses have concentrated on increasing their market share as much as possible and maximizing their profit. Unfortunately, if they are unable to gain and retain customers the business can collapse. For some time, the strategy worked but in the 21st century, businesses are undergoing loads of pressure including –

  • Product commoditization
  • lack of relevance in the extremely saturated market
  • more empowered consumers

The approach ignores consumer heterogeneity thus wasting resources in pursuing product promotion to everyone and anyone at any cost. A customer-centric market is a new approach gaining momentum rapidly.

You can consult with specialists in search marketing at Catnap Web solutions. They have been helping Australian businesses engage in customer-centric marketing, where customers’ needs are prioritized over everything. For example, use consumer data to identify their engagement and buying behaviors. You can analyze the best customers and identify opportunities to enhance current products or create new ones. According to a study, companies with an effective customer-centric approach earn 60% more profit. So this approach is certainly worth exploring.

Challenges of transforming into a customer-centric powerhouse

Many companies are trying to adopt customer-centricity but are not successful. It is because they experience multiple challenges. Winning businesses treat consumers with respect, exclusive services, and nurture a long-term relationship.

One of the challenges to overcome is to share consumer data with every department. Customer-centric- marketing approach does not mean that only the marketing department is involved. It means your entire company even the core board members and executives must be customer-centric.

To achieve this, your brands must initiate product development. Listen to customer feedback and concentrate on their needs. While designing a product or service look at it from the customer’s perspective because consumer’s expectations have evolved and will continue at an extraordinary velocity that businesses will be unable to predict or control.

Tips to enhance customer-centric marketing efforts

An Australian business can transform from GOOD to GREAT or from product-centric to customer-centric using the following tips. Start your transformation journey with some overlooked areas.

What kind of user experience is offered on your website?

You need to offer customers a seamless user experience consistently to turn them into brand advocates. So, answer the following questions –

  • How easy is your site to navigate?
  • Is the flow from one page to another natural?
  • How well does the page load?
  • Does the site look fine on smartphones?
  • How is customers’ account details handled?
  • How long is the payment process?

Hiccups can frustrate consumers forcing them to leave and never return.

How great is your customer service?

Customer service is not a glamorous feature but it matters the most. Decent support leaves a terrible impression, which can nurture an unsatisfied customer. Ensure to have support for customers in the US or Australia or India suitable to their time zone.

Give customers alternatives to contact you. One customer may be comfortable with an online chat but the other may not. Always have a technician available because consumers get frustrated if you have them waiting. The quick resolve of customer requests helps to build optimistic feelings!



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