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Anal sex is amazing if you know how to do it

Anal sex may not be taboo in your couple. Or are you willing to try it as something new, and exciting? The various types of stimulation most often start long before the actual attachment between the two partners. 

How to approach anal stimulation 

If you want to learn more about anal sex, then there is one thing you can do. Look for cheap anal outcall escorts in Birmingham mature. Not only you will experience deep and intense anal sex but you will also learn more about it. Then, you can apply the technique with your future girlfriend. The anus has answers similar to the vagina during the sex party. It contracts during orgasm in the same way that the vagina is contracted. 

There are a lot of nerve endings in the anus. So, receiving anal stimulation can be perceived as excellent if it is done with much lubricant and communication with the partner. Be aware that receiving anal stimulation can be both pleasant and painful. The muscles of the internal and external sphincter gather and relax, controlling the passage to the anus. These muscles need to be relaxed to penetrate something from the outside. 

In order to create the possibility of anal sex, the partners must collaborate to make the welcoming partner relax. The discovery of this sensitive area can include a combination of massage, lubrication, and relaxation techniques. It also includes deep breathing. Sexual toys that are thinner than a finger can be used at first to test the anus response to insertion. Make sure the anal toy is wider at the base, to prevent it from entering too much into the rectum. 

The anus will aspire things when they tighten and it is possible that these things will not come out. Make sure that whatever you introduce into the anus and rectum is easy to recover. Using good communication, couples can discuss this experience. This way, they will discover what is pleasant and what is uncomfortable. Immediate stop when discomfort becomes too strong. This is an important thing you need to set before any anal play. 

Anal sex is no longer a taboo subject 

Knowing that the partner is attentive to your body and what you like will increase your confidence in the relationship. On the contrary, it has become a commonly practiced form in bedrooms, even more, and more in recent years. However, if you haven’t tried this with your girlfriend yet, don’t rely too much on this rule. 

And if you really want to happen and have something like that, you need to know what they like and what women do not like about anal sex. It is very possible to like it crazy, but not to like it, at the same time. Between the two notions is an extremely small step in this chapter. But if you are open to the subject, slowly, with much patience and desire for both, you will be able to have anal sex and you will be able to enjoy it. 

Women can like anal sex because it gives them amazing sensations, completely different from any other form of sex. It is not penetrating the vagina, but it is still inside it. It is a completely foreign sensation, and that can incite her to madness. In fact, there is the possibility that women reach orgasm only by having anal sex. Any woman, as good as she is, at least once in her life has the fantasy to turn into an evil face. 

This is also the reason why people love fantasies in school uniforms and handcuffs. All this gives you the feeling to prohibit and, therefore, tempt you even more, like anything forbidden, otherwise. Anal sex is something that can be kept secret and no one except you will know anything about the crazy things you do in bed. 

Anal sex can be painful 

Anal sex can be really very painful. The rectal muscles are not constrained to admit something from the outside to the inside, but only the other way around. And if a vagina is so flexible that a child can go out there, the anus does not have the same properties. This means that anal sex can be painful unless you are following some important rules. 

Use the lubricant as much as possible. Penetrate it with much gentleness and patience. Anal sex can create humiliating situations. That’s because once penetrated, there is the possibility that fecal materials can simply explode. Such humility is devastating to a woman. Yet, there are solutions that can protect you from such a disaster. 

Washing can be done beforehand, with a special irrigator and thus you will be able to have a perfect hygiene. Do not forget. Lubrication and lubrication again! The anus is not a vagina! And, therefore, it does not self-clean. It is necessary to lubricate the area very well, otherwise, the pain can be very large.

Don’t forget to excite the woman very well

This aspect is very important because if your girlfriend is excited to a very high threshold, her body and mind are much more likely to cooperate on all kinds of sexual madness. Kiss her, stimulate her, touch her everywhere, make her go crazy about pleasure and desire, then … you can propose anal sex. Attention to elementary hygiene issues! 

Anal sex can give sexually transmitted diseases, as well as vaginal sex. Your health is on the first place, and not pleasure. Don’t forget this. Use condoms and change them if you move from vaginal to anal sex. Once you both get the exercise of anal sex, things will go by themselves. 

And if the first time she did not like the experience, after a period you can return to convince her. Explain to her that in the meantime you have documented and are confident that you will feel in the ninth heaven next time! If you follow all these steps, you can be sure that your experience with anal sex will be just great. It will be great for you and for your partner as well.


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