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5 Ways to protect your iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 series is now available. You may select among four smartphones, enough to form a comfortable family.

Apple’s iPhone 12 Mini is the smallest of the group, featuring a 5.4-inch screen and same processing power as the flagship model. The regular iPhone 12 has a 6.1-inch display, and we believe it’s an excellent starting point for most iPhone consumers.

If you spend a bit extra, you may join the Pro league. The iPhone 12 Pro boasts an impressive zoom camera, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max has an even more impressive zoom camera and a considerably bigger 6.7-inch display.

All four have Apple’s new trademark design, which replaces rounded edges with straight ones. It has a sleeker appearance and less mass. The last thing you want, though, is for scratches and scuffs to ruin that aesthetic.

Here are five of the most effective methods to secure your phone from loss or theft.

  1. For daily protection, Case is the best option.

The first rule of having an iPhone is that you should think about getting a case. Don’t sleepwalk through this step, even if you don’t get one, and then wonder why you scratched the nice aluminium (or steel) sides of your iPhone 12 in week one.

There are almost infinite case designs. Third-party silicone products, which may only cost a few dollars, are the most basic. Modern iterations of this similar concept include tiny air pockets in the corners. These constrict when they are struck, absorbing the power of a fall.

Instead, think about a polycarbonate shell for a cleaner appearance. These seem more polished because they are tougher. The majority, however, do a better job of shielding your phone from impacts than scratches. But even with a hard shell cover, an iPhone 12 will survive a fall better than one without one.

The greatest degree of protective cases are made from a variety of materials. For full armor-like hardness, you may have foam in the corners, a rubber inside layer, and a hard plastic outer layer.

MagSafe, a brand-new case-related function, is also available on the iPhone 12. MagSafe phones snap into place without requiring you to wrestle them into place thanks to a magnet beneath the phone’s back glass. To use an iPhone 12’s hardware to its best potential, look for MagSafe cases.

  1. Screen protection, which preserves a phone’s value

A screen protector, in our opinion, is much more crucial than a case. A scratch on its front is much harder to overlook than a scrape on its side or rear.

The new toughened glass used in the iPhone 12 includes a ceramic coating on the surface. According to Apple, it is even more durable than other premium phones’ hardened glass. Better safe than sorry, however, right?

Screen protectors typically consist of a plastic piece with adhesive on one side. These, in our experience, don’t degrade a phone’s picture quality or touchscreen functionality, although applying them without bubbles may be challenging. If you’ve had difficulties in the past, think about looking for one that comes with a suitable tool in the box.

A simple screen protector may be purchased online for just a few dollars or pounds, similar to a cheap case.

Tempered glass, which is used in higher-end screen protectors, resists damage better than regular glass. Some of them will be sold as having “9H” hardness, which denotes that they are just slightly softer than diamond and harder than glass or topaz. Please find out more iPhone 12 Pro Screen protector.

Such claims are a little overstated, but glass screen protectors are widely used and last a long time.

  1. Dress up your phone with a skin.

The best method to safeguard your iPhone is with a phone skin. This resembles the wrap that a custom shop may apply to a performance vehicle.

They are thin vinyl and nearly completely do not add weight or bulk to your iPhone 12. While scratch protection is superb, drop protection is hardly there.

The actual star of the show is the design. Online, you’ll discover some really ornate and striking phone skin designs. They have the ability to transform your iPhone from a technical marvel into a work of beauty.

Frequently, you have the option of leaving the “bare” Apple emblem on the back or not. And for a genuine full-back impression, many include tiny pieces that cover the glass surrounding the cameras.

  1. Phone Insurance: Covers Loss, Theft, and Damage

If you possess an expensive phone, such as an iPhone 12, mobile insurance might save your life. You may get phone insurance separately or you might be able to include it in your house insurance policy.

The trick, like with any insurance policy, is to confirm what it covers before you complete your purchase.

Theft, unintentional damage, and liquid damage are common things to watch for. Additionally, it could include phone accessories and flaws that appear without a clear accident.

For loss, you could have to pay more. It makes sense considering that you’re asserting something with little evidence that the phone was ever lost in the first place or even existed.

  1. Find My (iPhone): Prevent iPhone loss.

The best course of action is to prevent phone loss altogether. Apple can support you there. It features a fantastic function called Find My that makes it easier to find your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or AirPods.

It simply takes a second to turn on. Enter the “Settings” menu on your iPhone, choose “Find My,” then touch your name. Make sure the functionality is turned on in the toggle on this page after logging into your Apple ID account.

Then, if you lose your iPhone 12, you can use any browser to see where iCloud last spotted it.


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