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You’ve Got a Great Blog, but are your Posts Getting Read?

Blogs are full of great information and statistics, but are your posts keeping the reader engaged to the end of the post? If the post is too long, or is very detailed, your reader will move on to the next article. Is your blog engaging and how do you keep the reader’s interest?

It’s all in the Structure

You can fill your article with a lot of information, but you must put it in a format that will engage the reader. Short paragraphs, bullet points and lists will make it easy for the reader to comprehend the information and quickly find the points that are most interesting to them.

Make Your Point

Use bullet points when listing statistics or key points. Bullet points are very easy to scan, and the reader can quickly find information later using this method. Keep it to no more than 6 bullet points.

Keep Them Short

Keep your paragraphs short and to the point. We recommend no more than 5 sentences. Ask a question to engage the reader and get them thinking. Make your point with clear and concise writing – don’t use “fluff” to fill in the paragraph. Most importantly, make your subject matter interesting and unique – you want your article to stand out in a “sea” of articles.

Offer Solutions

Readers are looking for solutions to problems they may be having in their workplace. It can be time management, inventory, writing content, training their salesforce, etc. Whatever the topic of your article, end with a solution to the problem.

Show Your Human Side

Engage your readers by showing your human side. Throw some humor into it and show that you’ve encountered issues and dilemmas in your business. Talk to your readers as if you’re having a personal conversation with them. Let them see that you’re not any different than they are…you’ll have them following your content.

Write Often

People love to read engaging content. Once you have them “hooked” on your expertise and knowledge, they will keep coming back. Readers turn into prospects and prospects turn into customers. 

Barb Ferrigno Concept Marketing Group

We are passionate about our marketing. We’ve seen it all in our 45 years – companies come and go but the businesses that are consistent, steady, and have a goal are the companies that succeed. We work with you to keep you on track, change with new technologies and business strategies and, most importantly, help you to succeed. It’s not always easy, and it’s a lot of hard work but the rewards are well worth the effort. 


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