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Gaming Glasses: A Must Have For All Gamers!

The digitalisation wave has increased our dependence on digital screens for so

many reasons, and there are some that are absolutely necessary. In present times, people in all age brackets rely on digital screens in some form or the other.

Amid all the various reasons for which we use digital screens today, the popularity of gaming has taken our dependence further. Gaming is an activity enjoyed by everyone as its fun nature is known to alleviate our mood and break down monotony.

Last month, while looking for round glasses for men over the internet, I came across a wide range of gaming glasses. On reading about gaming glasses in detail, I found out that they are an accessory integral in ensuring digital wellbeing. Before understanding the need for gaming glasses, we must know the health risks associated with increase in screen time.

Is Increase In Screen Time A Health Concern?

With the use of digital screens at an all-time high, most of us have been experiencing an increase in screen time for quite some time now, especially after the onset of the pandemic.

But what actually is the health concern associated with an increase in screen time? It is to do with blue light emitted from these digital screens.

What Is Blue Light?

The visible spectrum of light has various light components corresponding to different frequencies. Blue light is one such component having one of the highest frequencies. And it is the high frequency of blue light that is responsible for the health risks that it might cause.

Blue light has multiple sources, with the sun being its largest and the only natural source. Digital screens are an artificial source of blue light. Other artificial sources include LED bulbs, fluorescent lamps, among others.

The effect of blue light emitted from digital screens is not the same as that resulting from other sources because during exposure to blue light from digital screens, our eyes are in close proximity to the source, which is digital screen. This causes more stress on our eyes, making it a matter for concern. Let’s see in detail how blue light emitted from digital screens causes harm to our eyes.

Effect Of Blue Light On Our Eyes

Before discussing any sort of harm that blue light might cause, it needs to be noted that blue light – in optimum amount and at the right time – is actually necessary for the proper functioning of our body. It ensures that our circadian rhythm (natural sleep and wake cycle of the body) is aligned and also known to alleviate our mood and keep us alert.

However, under certain circumstances, exposure to blue light can be harmful. These include excessive exposure, exposure under dim light conditions, or exposure even before falling off to sleep.

Under the above-mentioned circumstances, when our eyes are exposed to blue light, it might result in conditions such as eye strain, with symptoms like dry eyes, headache, and fatigue. It can also disturb our sleep cycle. Now, it needs to be

discussed whether gaming glasses can help prevent the harms associated with blue light.

Role Of Gaming Glasses

Gaming glasses are the same as blue light blocking glasses. The lenses of these pairs come loaded with a protective coating with the function of blocking blue light incident over their surface. In this way, blue light is prevented from reaching our eyes.

Gaming glasses are super effective in protecting your eyes from any harm that blue light might cause. By doing so, they ensure that you enjoy the activity of gaming to the full potential.

Where To Buy Gaming Glasses

While buying gaming glasses, you not only need to ensure that blue light protection

is provided in the best possible manner but also the pair that you buy is a stylish one because regardless of the function for which you are using your glasses, you must know that glasses are one of the most intimate fashion accessories that you can own.

You have an amazing option of buying gaming glasses online. There is an incredible collection of gaming glasses online. From the retro round glasses to the contemporary transparent frames, from the sassy cat eye glasses to the funky oversized frames, all your style needs will be met by online gaming glasses.

By buying gaming glasses online, you can also expect to make great savings as the prices are pocket-friendly, and there are lots of offers going around. Apart from this, there are many other benefits that come along with buying glasses online.

To make the most out of your online shopping experience, here are a few things that you can keep in mind when you head over to the internet to buy gaming glasses.

Reglaze Glasses

You can get your existing pair of glasses upgraded to gaming glasses – thanks to reglaze glasses. In this process, the lenses of your existing pairs will be replaced

with the ones that come with blue light protective coating and fitted into the existing frames.

Try Before You Buy

Regardless of the reason for which you are buying your glasses, it becomes

important to check how they look on you and whether they fit you well or not. In the case of online glasses, you can try on your glasses from the comforts of your home.

Select the pairs that you want to try, add them to the home trial section and confirm home trial. The number of pairs that you can try at a single home trial varies from site to site.

Prescription Gaming Glasses

For all those who wear prescription glasses, you need to know that the function of both eyesight correction and blue light protection can be provided by a single pair. This is made possible by prescription gaming glasses.

While shopping for gaming glasses online, just submit your prescription after selecting the pair of your choice. This is a hassle-free process and all that it requires are a few extra clicks.

Same Day Glasses

If your requirement for gaming glasses are urgent, you can try out the super fast service of same day glasses that make it possible for you to get your glasses delivered to your doorsteps the next day after you have placed the order.

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