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Why You Need A Dog Bite Lawyer?

If your picture of personal injury litigation comes from billboards and TV advertising, you may think attorneys exclusively serve persons hurt in automobile or motorbike accidents. Personal injury laws apply when one person’s carelessness caused another’s injuries and financial losses. If your cousin’s dog attacks your child at a family gathering, you have the same rights as a hit-and-run pedestrian. After a dog bite, which seems to be no one’s responsibility, bringing a lawsuit may feel scary. Few personal injury lawsuits get to trial. Your lawyer may obtain the money you need without going to court. Pushchak Law Firm will help you recover from a dog attack with little financial and emotional impact.


Dog Bites May Have Devastating Financial Consequences.

Most households lack financial security. An emergency fund with three times your monthly salary is not viable for most individuals. More than half of people have no savings, so they could only pay a $400 emergency bill with a credit card, a loan, or a family member or friend. Medical expenditures exacerbate Americans’ financial insecurity. Even thrifty, health-conscious people might become sick or hurt. Dog bite medical expenses may be thousands of dollars, even with insurance. Imagine if you had to pay for all of these items, even if your insurance covered some.

  • Hospitalization
  • Ambulance transport
  • Diagnostic imaging tests (X-rays, etc.)
  • Blood work
  • Prescription antibiotics
  • Hospital physicians (the doctors who treat you in the hospital often send you a bill separate from the hospital bill)
  • Doctor visits
  • Physiotherapy
  • Crutches


Your Dog-Bite Attorney Knows Your Rights

A dog bite is a once-in-a-lifetime experience unless you’re incredibly unfortunate or your job is to educate dogs to remain calm in difficult situations. You’ve probably never considered Denver’s dog bite laws. You can defend yourself in a personal injury lawsuit, just as in a divorce or criminal case, but it’s harder than you think. It’s simple to make errors that diminish or prevent money collection. Some individuals don’t realize that even if they’re awarded money after a dog bite assault, they may still be accountable for hospital expenses or liens from the victim’s health care provider. The insurance company can use everything you say in a recorded statement against you to pay you as little as possible. You may think you don’t have a case since you were patting the dog instead of it rushing up and attacking you.

Denver dog bite lawyers know local dog bite laws. Even if the dog is friendly and has never been bitten before, the owner is responsible for dog bite incidents in Denver.


Keep Your Dog’s Owner Happy

Most dog bite instances involve known parties. The victim is frequently a dog owner who has interacted with the dog before. Your neighbor, your daughter’s friend’s parents, or your brother-in-law are the last people you want to sue. Hiring a dog bite lawyer might avoid relationship harm with the dog owner. Dog bites seldom result in a criminal prosecution unless the owner encouraged the assault. It’s like auto insurance after an accident. Your lawyer may be able to negotiate enough money from the insurance company. This strategy is less likely to harm a friendship than if the dog owner pledges to cover your medical fees, but they pile up and he grows angry. Dog bites are frequently covered by homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.


A Dog Bite Attorney Might Help You Get Money

In a dog bite injury case, you might get compensation for all your losses. Past and future medical expenditures count. You might claim lost income damages if your injuries caused you to miss work. In permanent or serious injury instances, you can seek non-economic damages for mental suffering and loss of enjoyment.


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