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Why should teachers participate in career mentoring sessions?

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As a teacher, you have a unique opportunity to help students make the best possible career decisions. But what about your career? Teachers too need to scale up in their careers. Teacher mentorship for a career is very important. However, there are only some that realises its importance.

Finding a mentor can be a great experience for a career in teaching. A mentor is an expert of guidance in the professional field and does know and understand the ins-and-outs of the job and can offer insight into ways to get ahead.

Why does teacher mentorship matter?

A mentor can help you with your career by providing advice on how to move forward in your current position or suggest an alternative path that may be more suitable for you. Mentors also provide valuable feedback on how well you are performing at work and what areas of improvement there might be so that they can give constructive suggestions as well. This type of collaboration between teachers and their career mentors will allow both parties to grow professionally together over time while simultaneously helping each other achieve their goals in life outside of school!

Chance to grow

Career mentors can provide you with feedback and advice on how to improve your work performance. This will help you feel more confident in your abilities, which can make it easier to start applying for jobs or advancing your career.

Get the right information

Mentors often have access to more information than their proteges do, so they can give advice about what kinds of jobs are available in certain fields and how to get them. They can also help you find a job that is the right fit for you.

Think different

By being exposed to new ideas, mentors also help teachers become more flexible thinkers. This is especially useful if one is taking classes outside of their regular curriculum or trying out something different from what they are used to doing at work.

Mentors can help you think outside the box, which is often required in fields that require creativity and innovation. By being exposed to new ideas, mentors also help their students become more creative as well as better problem solvers; both of these skills will come in handy when faced with unexpected situations on the job or during an assignment at school!

Build your network

The right mentor is like a window to meet and build connections with all the important stakeholders of the education industry. These mentors are in regular contact with reputed thought leaders, schools, publishing houses, etc. . Hence, when you team up with the appropriate mentors, you get to build your own network in the community and add to your reputation.

Know how to upskill

Mentors help you to make the right career move. Today, there are so many ways to upskill your teaching capabilities. You can upgrade your technological know-how, learn about child safety, or about virtual class management. But how do you decide which one would be the right one for you? Mentors play an important role in making such decisions that help you excel in your career.

Find your true calling

You may be a subject teacher but what if you were better suited as a school administrator? A mentor will help you realise your true calling so that you can do something that you really enjoy. They can also help you move ahead in that direction by bringing you the best opportunities.


A mentor can be a great resource, but only if you know how to work with them. They are especially important at the current times when one has so many options to explore as a teacher. Not just after becoming a teacher but also how you start your journey of becoming one. With guidance and mentorship right from the beginning, you can always be assured of faster growth and quality reputation in the education arena.

So, if you haven’t ever gotten a mentor for yourself, now is the time! Wondering where to find an experienced mentor for your teaching career? Well, head to Suraasa and book a counselling session today to speak one-on-one with some of the best education mentors out there.



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