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Why is MilesWeb the Best Web Hosting Provider?

Why is MilesWeb the Best Web Hosting Provider?

What flashes in your mind when you listen to the term web hosting? Maybe something like the World Wide Web or maybe websites or webpages….. When I heard of the term web hosting for the first time, what came to my mind was a simple word i.e. website. I started researching about web hosting, and in no time I got to know about numerous related topics. Some of the terms were web-server, bandwidth, SSD, websites, webpages, domains, etc. These keywords were more than enough for me to create interest in the topic of Web Hosting.

Coming back to the basics, let’s see what’s web hosting at the first place.

As it becomes easier for all of us to understand the term with the help of an example,   let us see a simple example. Suppose, you have a container. You store grains in the container andit iskept in a storeroom. Comparing the same with web hosting, the container is the website, and the storeroom is the server, which is storing multiple containers.

Web hosting is the task of making your webpages/websites available online over the internet which can be used or surfed by anyone just by clicking on it or typing the domain link of the website.

While we are dealing with the term web hosting we always come across the related term called domain. A domain name is nothing but the link provided by the hosting service providers (sometimes of your choice) to have access to your website. Like we all have unique names, so do our websites too.

How can one access your website stored on a server?

As we have discussed, servers are the systems storing data, these servers are connected to the internet. For thousands of clients, web hosting companies like MilesWeb own, maintain, and handle lots of strong, high-tech servers. Thousands of websites can be connected to the Internet by a single server. Your website shares the server’s resources with other people’s websites (processing speed and power, bandwidth, storage, etc.). While it’s an uncommon occurrence, some limitations to what other websites do on the server can affect your website. For more info please visit  vps for windows 

Getting through with the term web hosting one should know the types of web hosting like WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Cpanel hosting and that different service providers like MilesWeb provide to their customers.

The most popular web hosting services that are provided by MilesWeb are as below:

Shared web hosting:  One of the most popular hosting services is shared hosting. For those who are new to hosting and its services, the best fit is shared web hosting.  Shared networking encourages a single server to be used by many websites. You’ll typically have no idea who or what websites you’re sharing a server’s services with.  MilesWeb provides e-mail accounts, SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificate, website builders, cPanels, WordPress optimizer, CPU, database in shared hosting. The best benefit you get with MilesWeb is you get the domain free with the basic plan. Moreover, the basic plan for shared hosting starts at just ₹40/mo.

Reseller hosting: Reseller hosting simply means that the web hosting provider gives you the servers to manage the websites of your customers. You being the provider, have the ownership of the server whereas technical support and billing responsibilities are managed by the company itself who is selling the services. For example, if you are buying the reseller plan at MilesWeb and hosting the websites of your customer, you need not worry about the technical support and billing of your customer. Those responsibilities would be handled by MilesWeb. Reseller hosting is the best fit for small businesses. The basic plan for resellers at MilesWeb starts at ₹290/mo. It includes cPanel accounts, SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificate, website builders, WordPress optimizer, CPU, Database, cPanel + WHM, unlimited domain hosting. You can own your server at just ₹290/mo.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS): Basically, a VPS is your very own proprietary piece of a cloud. Instead of thousands of neighbors being there, you’ll just get a couple! VPS provides scalability, which means you can scale up or scale down the resources according to the need of your website traffic. VPS is well suited for small or medium businesses. With MilesWeb you get the OS of your choice and also get a dedicated IP including the rest of the things provided in the other plans.

Some web hosting companies provide VPSs with a small amount of management, while MilesWeb provides the VPS with complete management, which means they will take care of everything relevant to hosting, so all you have to think about is running your business.

Dedicated servers: The name dedicated itself suggests the type of services that this server would provide. A dedicated server is owned by the customer for hosting websites. This server is wholly and solely dedicated to the customer who buys it. These types of servers are best suited for large businesses.

You can own a server with an Intel Xeon processor having 8GB memory, 1TB SAS storage, 1TB bandwidth, dedicated IP at the minimal cost of ₹4999/-mo from MilesWeb.

What makes a hosting provider best?

As of now, we have talked about what web hosting is and its types. Also, we had a look up at the best services provided by India’s finest web hosting company i.e. MilesWeb. But we need to understand what’s making MilesWeb a unique service provider.

Here are few points:

Security: Essential factor that should be considered the most is the security feature. It can all contain terms like firewalls, regular backups, and user authentication. Whenever improvements are made, it’s also useful to get updates so they will alert you to unusual activities. MilesWeb provides SSL for free with the hosting plan.

Bandwidth: You need to be extra careful with the bandwidth if your website is containing graphics, multiple web pages, and more amount of traffic. In that case, you need decent bandwidth for your website to work smoothly. With MilesWeb, you get unlimited bandwidth for all the types of hosting plans, which is smoothening the work on your website.

Compatibility:  This refers to the compatibility of the OS and applications used with the website. cPanel works with Linux OS whereas Plesk is used with Windows.  cPanel and Plesk are the webs hosting control panels. These tools basically provide automation tools and GUI to simplify the post hosting process.

Uptime:  At MilesWeb the uptime is 99.95% which means the machines are in use for as much time as the user wants them to.

CustomerService:  What if you buy a hosting plan and encounter some issues later?  For the same make sure your service provider is available 24*7.

With MilesWeb, you get at most excellence concerning every service they are providing to their customers.  As the company is furnishing every service to the highest degree of success, it has proven to be one of the hosting providers.   If at all you are thinking of building your website and hosting it you have reached the exemplary blog to take a step further.


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