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Why Free VPNs Are Bad?

Nowadays, usage of VPNs has become quite significant, given the internet barriers or privacy issues prevailing on the internet today. But it is not mandatory that every person has the budget to purchase a VPN plan for himself. Therefore individuals who look for a VPN for their personal and limited use go for a free VPN. Though there are lots of issues that are linked to the use of VPN and here we will discuss why free VPNs are considered bad.

Why Do We Need A VPN?

A VPN can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from security purposes to wider availability of content. The significance of VPNs is depicted below:

  • To have access to content that is restricted in your area.
  • To evade from the eyes of authorities while watching banned content or websites.
  • Watch media or websites that are available in any other state or region but not yours.
  • To ensure the privacy of your streaming and browsing history.

Some people might use a VPN for the safety purposes of their firms and enterprises. Thus, they might need a robust security system that would provide protection to their data which is worth a lot of money.

But Is Using A Free VPN safe?

This might be of concern to some people that whether using a free VPN is safe or not. With regard to this, there are some issues that come up with free VPNs.

Problems With Free VPN

  1. Some free VPNs accidentally reveal your actual IP address which might pose a risk to your security.
  2. Loopholes in security occur and the security parameters of free VPNs are not that robust.
  3. Free VPN obstructs the user experience through ads or other interferences.
  4. They come with a limited number of features only.
  5. Free VPNs sometimes even earn money by selling out your data to advertising companies or other such enterprises.
  6. Some free-to-use VPNs come with a cap on the amount of data or bandwidth that you use using them.
  7. The network and servers of free VPNs are limited as compared to the paid ones.
  8. Problems of international speed throttling may occur on free VPNs which might cause abruption in high speeds of browsing.
  9. The number of features provided by paid VPNs is much more as compared to free VPNs.
  10. Paid VPNs are known to unblock a large number of sites and content platforms all over the world, but the scope of free VPNs may be limited in this regard.

These are the major problem that you may face with a free VPN. Below, we have mentioned some of the best VPNs that you can use.

5 Best Cheap VPN Service Providers


You can get Surfshark VPN for your device at a little price of $2.49 per month. You can also use the latest Surfshark coupon code to enjoy some discounts. It comes with about 3200 servers spread worldwide, making it a widespread network. It has many features pertaining to the security protocols that help to keep your data safe and private. It provides 24×7 support to the users. Its features include:


  • Hack Lock-It protects the data on your device from being hacked during the connection.
  • Smart DNS- A private DNS is available on every network and it provides protection from data leaks.
  • White lister- It allows some websites to bypass the VPN connection according to your choice of settings.
  • Clean Web- It consists of the anti-phishing technology of Surf Shark which safeguards your device and its data from phishing attempts or malware.


It has a widespread network of 1500 servers spread across 75 countries. It costs about $3.20 per month, which is a quite less amount with regard to the features it provides to its users. This VPN also offers a free trial version that is considered one of the best free VPN for Hotstar. It does not offer live chat support yet comes with support through phone, emails, and tickets for its users. Some features of IPVanish are:

  • Data protection- IT helps to protect the online activity and data on your device.
  • No caps on connection- You can use it on unlimited devices simultaneously.
  • Anonymity- It saves you from ISP tracking and protects your privacy.


With a small price of only $2.19 to pay every month for its subscription, Strong VPN, as its name suggests, is one of the strongest VPNs in terms of security protocols as well as speed. Its important features include:

  • SugarSync Cloud storage- Up to 250 GB of cloud storage is provided to you while using the connection.
  • StrongDNS- It guarantees no leak of data and thus provides strong protection to your device.
  • Kill Switch- If in case the connection to the VPN is lost, your data streaming will automatically be killed so that the Wi-Fi cannot trace your data or hack it.

Thus, there are many options available in the market that provide a good alternative to paid VPNs. Thus, you can choose a free or a paid VPN, according to your own needs.


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