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When to Check Your Healthcare Data Security

One of the most important aspects of healthcare is the HIPAA rule. This is the legal mandate that all healthcare records must be kept private. Only an authorized member of medical personnel may view records of any individual patient.

Everyone involved in the medical profession is expected to comply with this mandate. Click here for more information about HIPAA. This means that doctors, nurses, administrative staff, and even employees of insurance companies are required to do everything in their power to keep sensitive information as secure as possible.

If there is a breach, a patient can choose to pursue legal recourse to help right this wrong. Not ensuring that your records are kept secure can put you on the line for thousands in damages.

When should you start to investigate your current healthcare record keeping system to see if it could be stronger? In this article, we’re going to take a look at warning signs that your system may be out of date. 


Malware can be a way for hackers to try and find a way into your systems. Malware is any program that is installed without your explicit consent that can provide a way for unauthorized users to see precious data.

There are many different kinds of malware, such as Trojan horses. This is a program that appears to be one thing but has many different applications hidden within the running files. Click the link: for more information about malware.

If you notice anything strange on any computer in your doctor’s office, hospital, or insurance agency, it is important that you pursue it as soon as possible. It could be allowing unrestricted access to hackers. You must delete the program thoroughly in order to eviscerate this risk.

Ordinary consumer-grade virus software is not potent enough for the healthcare industry. You may need to call in an expert to help eliminate all traces of this harmful computer virus. 

Recent Disciplinary Action

Although it is unpleasant to think about, sometimes the data breach can come from a member of your own staff. Medical information is highly valuable and many companies or shady dealers would pay a high amount of money in order to obtain this information.

Much like members of our own government have been compromised by the promise of excessive payouts, so, too, could members of your staff. Take the time to go through employee records to see if anyone has a reason to attempt to use your private patient information as a way to obtain money.

These individuals usually have a spotty work history. Perhaps they feel that the loss of their job is imminent and so they decide to take a step to help themselves secure their future. It is important to have passcodes that are tied to unique users to prevent unrestricted access.

If you do have an employee you suspect of shady misdoings, it is important for you to act fast. You could become liable if it is proven that you knew about their activities and did nothing to stop it. Work closely with your management staff to help ensure that all employees are dedicated to the safety and security of your patients. 

Old Systems

If the operating system on your current server is old enough to vote, you’re probably in need of an upgrade. Older systems are less secure simply because hackers have had ample time to figure out all of the weaknesses inherent in the programming and how to exploit them.

No matter what new programs you install on this old system, you are likely to be putting yourself in the way of a potential breech. Updated systems are constantly being improved upon because those in the healthcare data securities field know how important keeping ahead of hackers is. While you may balk at the initial investment price of updating your current system, you will be saving money in the long run by not leaving yourself vulnerable to costly lawsuits. 

If any of these situations sound familiar, you will want to contact a qualified representative to help you upgrade your security. The right company can help you curb your losses with regular risk assessment surveys. At regular scheduled intervals, they will enter into your system and try to expose any weak points

Any that are found will be brought to your attention and then closed up so that you can continue to do what you do best – ensure that the health, safety, and security of your patients is as secure as is humanely possible.

Healthcare professionals owe the people that they serve the very best care that they can possibly provide. Keeping their information secure is one way that you can do that for them. It will help ease their suffering and prevent them from being taken advantage of by shady companies and parties.


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