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What is the distinction between a carbon dioxide laser and a fiber laser?

As the price of fiber laser sources has decreased, the cost of fiber laser cutting machines and the likelihood of purchasing such metal cutting equipment has dramatically increased. Many metalworkers are thinking in the event that they want to replace with this new method.

Currently, there are two kinds of commercial laser cutting machines in the marketplace: carbon dioxide laser and fiber laser. The distinction between these 2 is the laser supply used. Which choice is first-rate for you? Should you take into account a brand new fiber laser machine?

This article explains the distinction between fiber lasers and carbon dioxide lasers and their packages. We wish this enables you to discover the best machine that first-rate fits your desires.

A CO2 laser may be compared to a fluorescent tube. The energy is despatched via a fuel line tube, a combination of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen, and helium. This stimulates the nitrogen molecules and will increase their potency. In different words, they tremble. This excites the carbon dioxide molecules withinside the combination.

To emit mild, those molecules need to emit their very own electricity. This takes place while it comes into touch with a helium atom.

The tube is surrounded with the aid of using glass, so the mild meditated from the tube is brighter. At the quit of the tube is a reflect that displays slightly. You generate a laser beam when the mild depth is excessive and sufficient to skip via.

The kinds of laser reduce merchandise are very different. Also, all types of lasers are no longer appropriate for all objects. Each laser has a wavelength to paint with. With a fiber laser, this price reaches 1000nm. With a carbon dioxide laser, the wavelength is ten instances longer. So dealing with the coefficient of the two ships is pretty different.

And that is the sinking component that we are approximately the suitability of certain matters. The laser may be visible as a low beam. As you may see in herbal mild, a few matters are brighter than others. When an item absorbs much less mild at a given wavelength, there’s much less interplay between the beam and the object.

The CO2 laser beam is despatched via glass which is absolutely embedded within the glass. At the same time, the fiber laser beam passes via it without sealing. So CO2 lasers can mark glass. Also, when it involves natural substances together with leather, textiles, acrylic, wood, and stone, CO2 laser machines are constantly the first-rate choice. Fiber lasers aren’t appropriate for this.

Cutting metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, or metal calls for lots of energy. Fiber laser cutting machines do a good job. Not only think metal, but it also has a fast cutting speed on the thin metal sheet.

Technology has made enormous development in a short length of time. You can now break up to eighty mm thick with a strength of 20 kW. While different packages, the use of CO2 lasers can devour as much as 120 kW.

There is likewise a developing marketplace for eliminating paint, rust, and different contaminants, for which fiber lasers are increasing use. Fiber laser cleaning machines are becoming increasingly popular because of their strong cleaning ability.

It’s all approximately locating the proper device for the right job. Want to recognize what is first-rate to your utility? EagleTec may be satisfied to advocate for you!

Fiber optic cables encompass components: a fiber optic center and a sheath. Light passes via the middle of the filament; however, due to the fact it’s miles mild, it has to head in all directions. Therefore, the sheath displays and keeps the mild in fiber. This mild is then delivered to the laser hollow space to create a laser beam.

In conclusion, if you need to cut non-metal material, a Co2 laser is your best choice. If metal cutting is your only work, a fiber laser cutting machine is suitable. If you need to work on metal and non-metal, a high-power mixed Co2 laser cutting machine is your best choice. A fiber laser cleaning machine is your best choice if you need to clean or remove dust on the metal surface.


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