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What is the best thing to look out for in a data-management professional?

Real data governance consultants should be reliable data strategists, skilled businesspeople, and diplomats.

Companies can’t afford to address their data hygiene in today’s data-driven business environment.

If they don’t have data rules, businesses run the risk that they will spend a lot of money and time on things that shouldn’t be there. Finding data and reports can be a difficult task for many departments. Untrustworthy records often impede consumer engagement and marketing initiatives. Data is lost, opportunities are lost and customer relations are affected. Is this something you’ve heard before?

If your company is plagued by corporate silos, your cross-functional teams are dysfunctional and you’re failing big data or AI efforts, and the high-ups are pointing fingers at you, it’s important to begin to treat data governance seriously.

But where to start? How can you change a sea of contradictory search results on Google into a coherent strategy that suits your company’s specific needs and convinces management? You need to hire an expert in data governance.

Some characteristics to look out for when looking for a professional data governance consulting firm

Data strategy understanding

Qualified data governance consultants should have an in-depth understanding of your company’s data plans. Data governance, at its core, is a strategic program for business. However, it is essential to be fully aware of your company’s data requirements, wishes, and capabilities to ensure that plans and expectations are met.

A data governance consultant should have the ability to perform the following tasks:

* You can collaborate directly with your CDOs.

* Identify data quality issues, and suggest solutions.

* Draw a diagram of all data lines, pipelines, and processes.

* Recommend tools and software that you like, and also recognize newer tools that might be useful.

You must choose a consultant with whom you can build relationships.

Data governance should not be considered a temporary project. This is a long-term program change that will significantly impact the daily operations of all people who have to deal with your company’s data. Everyone must remain engaged, involved, and dedicated to the success of this program.

Experience at work

A data governance expert must know everything about your company.

A data governance consultant doesn’t have to spend time cleaning up poor spreadsheets. It is a balanced act, which involves understanding when you should step away from your computer and start speaking with management.

Your chosen consultant should understand how to market data management to the C-suite. They must be able to demonstrate that you understand your company and sell you what they can do for you. Only they can win the hearts, minds, and ultimately the hearts, of all the other organizations.

Cultural awareness

Is it technical proficiency, commercial acumen, or social dynamite that you have? It might seem like a daunting triple threat, but it is precisely what data governance experts need to do the job.

As a consultant, you must be able to communicate complex data to management as well as sell them the money fantasy. Important is also the ability to keep everything connected to the overall picture of an exceptional business. Your consultant is a liaison between the business and corporate finance.


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