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What Is Super Soil Exactly? A Professional Review

Super soil, a well-known grower and seed manufacturer, created super soil to simplify the process of achieving the perfect harvest. It is a highly modified growing medium that eliminates the need for liquid nutrients.

Do You Want To Grow Organically In A Simple, Low-Maintenance Manner?

Super Soil aims to create a healthy growing environment that is well-balanced with nutrients. Super Soil makes a rich, nutrient-rich soil. Be careful with how you use it. Super Soil is a concentrate that should be used along with base potting earth. We have provided the following instructions and a recipe for Super Soil.

Super Soil has both benefits and drawbacks. So before we dive in, let’s review some things you need to know if Super Soil is a choice for you.


  • Method for organic gardening
  • Reduce your costs when you buy fertilizers
  • It saves time and effort when you adjust ph.
  • This plant is nutritious, so it can produce strong plants
  • This mimics the natural outdoor environment for growing food
  • It is not necessary to flush plants

Plant Nutrition 101

The soil provides nutrients for plants’ healthy growth. The nutrients are critical for plant development. Macronutrients are vital for viable plant growth.

Macronutrients from Primary Plants

Nitrogen: Promotes healthy and quick vegetative growth

Phosphorus: Promotes root and flower growth, fruiting, and resistance to disease

Potassium: It helps with fruit ripening and disease resistance.

Secondary Plant Macronutrients

Magnesium: Magnesium aids plants in processing and utilizing calcium, encourages vegetative and sugar growth

Calcium: It supports the structural integrity of plants and new cellular development.

Sulfur: It helps fruits and seeds mature and promotes the growth of green leaves.

Plant Micronutrients:

Micronutrients are trace element that helps promote starch production and green leaf development. These elements include boron.

Super Soil is very effective because it includes all of these plant nutrients. Every ingredient in this recipe contributes to one or two essential plant nutrients, making it a great mixture for your plants.

Learn more about nutrition and how you can diagnose nutrient deficiency in plants by visiting our plant nutrition basics.

Why Are Super Soil Ingredients Used?

High-quality organic soil for potting with coco and mycorrhizae.

Coco is a product of the coconut sector and is an alternative to peat. Coir, which is also a byproduct of coconut oil, releases potassium. This provides a potent nutrient source as well as increases the structural integrity of your growing medium.

Mycorrhizae provide a valuable benefit in your plant medium. So it is important to select a soil that has it. You can also add the mycorrhizae separately, as we show in our suggestions for the recipe. Mycorrhizae can attach themselves to the root of plants. Once attached, they allow plants to use and process nutrients.

Worm castings from earthworms are an excellent organic fertilizer. Worm castings have high levels of nitrogen, which is one of the three primary plant macronutrients. The special oil used to coat worm castings during their travels through Earthworms makes them a very effective nutrient source. This oil takes a while to break down, so worm castings are an efficient, slow-release fertilizer that can be fed plants for longer periods than other fertilizers. Because of this, worm castings contain nitrogen that promotes vigorous vegetative growth.



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