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Salesforce Admin certification

What Is Salesforce Admin Certification And What Are The Benefits Of Getting Certified

Salesforce Admin certification is a recognition that professionals have acquired the skills and knowledge required to effectively configure and maintain Salesforce environments. The certification requires passing exams that test an individual’s proficiency in key areas of Salesforce setup, management, user adoption principles, security, data management, automation, reports and dashboards. When combined with Salesforce’s training resources and community-driven support model, this certification provides a powerful way for a broad range of workers to bring more value to their organization’s mission. Because certification demonstrates someone’s ability to administer operations on the Salesforce platform, it is a highly sought after requirement for many employers in various industries including healthcare, finance and education. Having this credential adds credibility and legitimacy not only amongst peers but future employers as well. Being certified proves that you have the credentials up-to-date in order to run Salesforce applications. Certified Administrators receive additional benefits by connecting with other certified users via online user groups or face-to-face events hosted by Salesforce. By becoming part of this community, you gain access to potential career opportunities through networking plus exclusive conferences and certifications sessions available just for members. In addition, participants may gain discounts on offerings such as online content subscriptions or hands-on labs meant specifically for certified Administrators such as Trailhead Live or clinics focused on specific topics around the use of Salesforce apps like Lightning App Builder or Process Builder. Earning Admin Certification can open doors to increased job roles within your organization as well as more chances for job advancement outside your current employer through connections made inside of this vibrant user community. All these benefits make receiving an admin certification an ideal milestone for any individual looking to expand their horizons within their current field or transition into new career paths entirely.  ​​


What is the Salesforce Admin Certification and what does it entail

The Salesforce Admin Certification is a valuable asset for any professional looking to gain skills in sales and consultative use of the Salesforce platform. The certification covers a wide range of topics, including how to customize Salesforce applications, understand their data model, manage user setup and access, maintain the application and develop new solutions. This certification requires knowledge in both administrative and technical areas, such as understanding and using the HubSpot’s Object Model, triggering automated workflow within Events Manager, and understanding Visual Force Pages & Triggers. For a professional looking to excel on the Salesforce platform this test validates their knowledge and can be leveraged when seeking development roles or positions in customer support environments. For companies hiring employees with these certifications it ensures that potential hires have tested knowledge in the critical competencies needed for successful deployment of projects on the Salesforce platform. Those interested in seeking out either taking or offering this credential should check out documentation from Salesforce’s website on prerequisites required for taking exams, preparation materials offered as well as curriculum structure that may be updated time to time for certain versions/releases. All in all it is an invaluable tool for those regularly working within the Salesforce ecosystem as it validates their proficiency level in usage of tools provided by world class cloud provider leaders.  It can also greatly benefit organizations looking to demonstrate proficiency when bidding on solutions with clients. So if you are involved with even occasional use of SalesForce pushing yourself to gain credentials validating your skills could really pay dividends going forward!  With low cost study materials available online it is definitely worthwhile considering becoming certified!

How to study for and pass the Salesforce Admin certification exam

For those looking to have a successful career in Salesforce administration, passing the certification exam is key. Studying for this important test can be daunting, so it’s important to break things down into manageable steps. To start, familiarize yourself with the exam objective by reading the Exam Guide published by Salesforce. When you’re ready, use practice tests to review material and become comfortable with the structure of the real exam. Choose a personalized study plan using a variety of resources – such as books, Salesforce Admin Tutorial For Beginners, or courses – that cater to your strengths and learning style. And don’t forget about lessons learned from hands-on experience with Salesforce product features, as it can provide an advantage which other study materials cannot. Above all else, make sure you’re committed to doing paper practice and actively engaging in discussion forums so that you can properly prepare yourself for success on the Salesforce Admin certification exam. With dedication and planning, earning your certification will be one milestone toward a satisfying and rewarding career in Salesforce Administration!

Resources that can help you succeed in becoming a Salesforce Administrator

Aspiring Salesforce Administrators have a plethora of useful resources at their fingertips. Whether you’re brand new to the field or beginning to explore positions, it pays to stay on top of the ever-evolving world of sales and automation technology. There are several core elements that can help you become a successful Salesforce Administrator: gaining an understanding and knowledge of the platform, cultivating experience, staying up to date on industry trends, and networking with professionals in the field. As far as resources go, there’s no shortage for learning about the Salesforce platform such as courses offered though Udemy, Coursera, edX, Trailhead Academy and more. Additionally, there are dozens of books out there geared towards providing comprehensive instruction including “The Salesforce Admin Handbook – Practical Step-By-Step Guide To Being A Successful Administrator” and blogs by experts like Dreamforce offering advice and best practices. Once you’ve built a strong foundation in understanding all components of the platform and their configurations, further increase your knowledge by staying up to date through online publications such as MuleSoft’s Connected Magazine. Don’t forget to take advantage of forums like UserGroups for robust peer collaboration as well! By combining all these various resources together from formal education to networking with experienced colleagues one can cultivate a successful career in becoming a skilled Salesforce Administrator. 


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