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What is Data Analytics on AWS?

Data Analytics and cloud, primarily Amazon Web Services, are all the rage these days. Data is becoming voluminous, and workloads are shifting on AWS-like cloud platforms every day. These factors lead to increased adoption of data analytics and cloud migration. Such an amalgamation brings out the concept of Data Analytics on AWS.

Yes, you’ve read it correctly! Modern analytics capabilities have jumped on AWS. It simplifies various problems and helps organizations overcome critical challenges. However, understanding the meaning of Data Analytics on AWS is challenging. Having a knee-deep knowledge of AWS Data Analytics is essential to pursue a career in the domain or earn the prestigious certification.

Wait! Did we mention Data Analytics on AWS certification? Yes, we did! It certifies the test taker’s knowledge of analyzing massive datasets on the cloud. It is one of the most challenging credentials requiring an in-depth understanding of cloud concepts, Data Analytics, and relevant AWS services.

You have visited the best place if you wish to expand your knowledge and get the AWS Data Analytics Certification. Let’s get started!

Meaning of Data Analytics on AWS

Analysts must obtain enormous amounts of data and, more crucially, understand to improve a company’s performance. Even larger corporations find it difficult to compile and analyze massive amounts of data that directly or indirectly affect their operations. Obtaining the resources required for those tasks would be prohibitively expensive. It is where cloud analytics can help.

Almost everyone recognizes that cloud computing has a lot of advantages for businesses, and data analytics is one of them. Amazon was one of the pioneers to offer data services, and it remains, unarguably, the most important provider of those services today.

AWS analytic solutions can now extract and better assess data from extensive collections, allowing them to be put to practical use. Those services supply easily categorizable information in ways that almost any company can use.

Benefits of Data Analytics on AWS

Is Data Analytics on AWS better than the conventional one? Yes! And that’s why Data Analytics on AWS is gaining an impetus day by day. Here are the top benefits of analyzing data on AWS.

  • The amount of data collected worldwide is rapidly increasing, with most of it being created and aggregated in cloud platforms similar to AWS or at IoT endpoints.
  • AWS Data Analytics services are significantly easier to set up because they are supplied as an automated service and do not require physical hardware setup or maintenance.
  • AWS’s business model lets users turn services on and off as needed. Customers can pay just for what they use when they use it, eliminating the costs of acquiring and managing capital infrastructure while also reducing the size of their data centers.
  • AWS enables customers to deploy the appropriate IT resources for the challenge at hand. Thanks to dynamic resource scaling, users can apply computing and storage and scale them as their needs change. Users are relieved of the need to purchase a fixed capacity of physical IT equipment for all data analysis initiatives.
  • Users who want to use the cloud to test a new analytics project as a proof-of-concept before investing in on-premises solutions could build a hybrid analytics solution.

Top AWS Analytics Services

It is an Amazon service that assists in processing and interpreting data through analysis. In the analytics department, there are a variety of services that have been mentioned below:

  • Amazon Athena

An interactive query service that makes it straightforward to analyze data stored in S3 using SQL queries. It is server-less, which means there is no infrastructure to handle. The user is only charged for the queries that are executed.

  • Amazon EMR

It provides a Hadoop-managed architecture that aids in the processing of massive amounts of data across on-the-fly scalable EC2 servers in a timely and cost-effective manner. EMR notebooks, like Jupyter Notebooks, provide a platform for developing and collaborating on dynamic querying and exploratory data analysis. It is incredibly secure and reliable to handle many application cases, including machine learning, web indexing, log analysis, scientific simulation, data transformations (ETL), and bioinformatics.

  • Amazon CloudSearch

Amazon CloudSearch is an AWS Cloud service that simplifies setting up, managing, and scaling a search solution for a website or application. It features functionalities like highlighting, auto-complete, and geospatial searchability and supports 34 languages.

  • Amazon ElasticSearch service

Searching, analyzing, and visualizing data in real-time, assists ElasticSearch in deploying, protecting, operating, and scaling data. It has simple APIs for log analysis, full-text search, scalability requirements, security, monitoring apps, and clickstream analytics.

You can also leverage it in conjunction with open-source tools like Kibana and Logstash, which aid in data ingest and visualization.

  • Amazon Kinesis

It simplifies the effort of gathering, processing, and evaluating real-time data. This aids in obtaining real-time data insights so that analysts can analyze the data and actions based on the information more efficiently and quickly.

Real-time data, such as video, audio, IoT telemetry data (from machine learning endpoints), application logs, and website clickstreams can be ingested and replied to right now, rather than waiting for all of the data to arrive before starting pre-processing. Kinesis Data Streams, Kinesis Data Firehose, Kinesis Video Streams, and Kinesis Data Analytics are some of its services.

  • Amazon Quicksight

It is a rapid, cloud-based business intelligence tool that aids in disseminating insights to employees within an organization. Users can design and publish interactive visual dashboards accessible from mobile devices and web browsers. Customers can use these visual dashboards in conjunction with other applications to provide robust self-serving analysis.

Wrapping Up!

AWS Data Analytics is growing continuously. So, Data Analysts are rapidly learning relevant AWS services and earning the certification. The top AWS services for Data Analytics attract more brands to become AWS customers and utilize their efficient offerings for their workloads. AWS Data Analytics opens avenues for such professionals into these brands and AWS. It helps them get more lucrative job opportunities with top companies.

So, it’s high time to learn AWS Data Analytics, take a relevant course, build various projects, and launch a successful career at the earliest!


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