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What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a sort of data center that provides resources and services to large group of people on the internet at once. It provides resources such as storage and database information that can be accessed by multiple people at the same time to be used for various purposes. There are the three types of cloud computing:

  • Enterprise Clouds
  • Public Clouds
  • Hybrid Clouds

Enterprise Clouds are associated with organizations and private enterprises, in accordance to its name. It has limited access and is only used by the personnel associated with the said organization the cloud runs for. Such clouds contain confidential data and thus remain secured with the limited access and security that enterprise clouds provide.

Such as private clouds that was mentioned above, there are also Public Clouds. Public Clouds give access to anyone on the internet to use their services and their resources. As it is for public access and use, there is little to no security involved and everyone using these resources can be approached, including their work and information attested onto the software. Although it is not very safe, it is easily accessible and connects individual regardless of distance for efficient use of resources.

The last type of cloud computing is referred to as the Hybrid Cloud. Such as its name, it is a hybrid of the two types of clouds mentioned above. It provides the security of a private cloud but also has the accessibility of a pubic cloud. This way, users from all over are available on the cloud, but a select few personnel are the ones with access to more encrypted and critical data such as backups, database and such. Master Essay Writer uses the hybrid cloud as it is the ideal network for their business.

Why Hybrid Cloud?

Master Essay Writer uses hybrid cloud for a multiple batch of reasons:

  • The accessibility and availability makes it a cost cutting portal of network for users and writers to communicate
  • Keeps work safe, creates backups in case of misplacement or any other set back
  • Easy and fast in terms of service

Why you should consider Essay Writing Master?

Other than providing an ample working network system that caters to the needs of both the work staff and the customer, Essay Writing Master also provides a cheap service. With ongoing development of the system and the content provided by Essay Writing Master, it platform allows young and aspiring individuals to support themselves without the burdens of a 9-5 job. It cuts travel costs and with the use of cloud computing, further cuts the cost of IT maintenance. To further analyze this, Master Essay Writer has been one step forward in development of its resources and its use of resources effectively and efficiently. This proves beneficial for the customer, the writer and the business individuals behind Master Essay Writer at a cheaper, easier and faster rate.  Lastly, it also raises the economy of scale for respective areas as it provides stable incomes and jobs without the demand of too much experience and is a great way to get in the whole 9-5 job market. Supporting local businesses such as this increases the GDP and living standards in the long run.

Essay Writing Master is an easy method of income and an even easier method of getting good essays written at a cheap rate, with means of back up plans and security in case of emergencies and other various drawbacks regarding security and misplacement. These sort of developments and resources provide a modernized edge to the services and jobs Essay Master Writer provides.

Some Facts about Master Essay Writers

Master Essay Writer is a website providing home to various writers to put out their content, style and gain experience by the ease of their keyboard and internet access. It is a cheap essay writing service in the UK that provides quality content for a bargained price, as requesting content written can often be costly. It is a great website to offer experience, exposure and income for writers, and an even better outlet for customers to trust with their work and money. Master Essay Writer further elevates in quality and modernization as it uses a large, hybrid mode of cloud computing to carry out their work and make complete use of their resources efficiently.


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