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What Exactly Is Covered By Political Risk Insurance?

Political actions and conditions can affect business in any trading environment, regardless of whether it is domestic or international.

Some examples of this include a violent change in political leadership, such as during a war or a coup, as well as unexpected shifts in economic or diplomatic policy that result in sanctions, tariffs, or seizure of assets.

The capacity of a supplier to supply products and services, as well as a customer’s ability to pay for them, can be impacted by political risk, which is something that is covered by insurance.

In most cases, Political Risk Insurance is included in trade credit insurance coverage, which shields the policyholder from the dangers associated with the possibility of not being paid for invoices. Therefore, if your customer does not pay for the goods or services they have ordered from you – whether this is due to a political occurrence or other reasons as discussed – your insurance provider will repay you for the loss.

Political Risk Insurance Definition

Insurance against political risk shields the policyholder against the danger of suffering a financial setback as a result of unfavorable political developments. This may include the following, depending on the specifics of each unique policy:

  • Civil disturbance, which may result in riot damage or looting, or maybe the blockade of a port, which would prohibit the import or export of goods.
  • Fluctuations in the value of currencies, which may lead to an inability to convert funds or an abrupt and dramatic shift in the relative worth of different currencies.
  • Customs and taxes, which represent an unanticipated shift in the regulations governing import and export
  • Expropriation is the act of a government seizing money, property, or a company without compensation.
  • A revolution or coup d’etat is a violent or non-violent attempt to forcibly alter the government of a country.
  • Terrorism or conflict, which makes doing business with a certain nation either dangerous or impossible

Insurance Against Loss On Trade Credits

Your cash flow can be protected by trade credit insurance, which ensures that you will continue to get paid even if your customer goes into default. Businesses of all sizes make use of it as a means of safeguarding their worldwide and local commerce against threats such as political instability and the insolvency of their customers.


Because Niche Trade Credit Insurance protects you against your buyer rather than the specific transaction, your whole year’s worth of invoices to that client are automatically protected by the policy. Many companies use credit insurance not just as a way to protect themselves against unanticipated negative events, but also as a tool to encourage and facilitate trade. In particular, a great number of companies make advantage of the protection offered by credit insurance so that they may obtain financing from banks, investigate new markets, and entice clients with favorable credit conditions. When it comes to determining the credit worthiness of trade partners, our credit insurance clients collaborate with us to assist their due diligence and benefit from access to our information on millions of firms throughout the world.


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