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What Do You Really Need in a Partner for Dating?

Dating is difficult for many reasons. However, some aspects should not be difficult.

It’s easy. It should not take too much effort to identify the personality qualities, characteristics, or other desirable qualities in a potential romantic companion. Do you want someone who’s tall or short? Do you prefer serious or humorous? Do you prefer to be unpredictable or mysterious? Do you seek a super-smart, intelligent, ambitious, or caring partner?

Probably, you can answer those questions easily. This is logical. Because you must be in the best position to choose what you want, these ideas can be called your summary attribute preferences. Researchers then compare them to what your functional attributes preference is or what your actual choice is.

What the Researchers Found?

The first thing the researchers discovered was that context does matter. It was discovered that participants believed what they wanted, but this is not as true as we might think. Practically speaking, this means that your partner may be someone who has a very outgoing personality. This could mean that you have developed a preference for outgoingness in fun situations like at a party. It may not be the trait of outgoing that you enjoy as much as the contexts within which it was noticed.

Second, the researchers found that participants’ preferences for their dating partners did impact the choices of dating sites. The researchers discovered that different dating websites emphasize different characteristics and allow users to access different kinds of partners. The researchers found that participants stated preferences were in line with their dating website selections. If someone indicated that they desired an outgoing partner, they would choose a dating site with more outgoing individuals.

Last but not least, the key question about whether a person’s stated preferences are compatible with what they actually prefer revealed little to no association. Only weakly related to participants’ beliefs about how much they wanted a confidant partner was their interest in using a dating platform featuring confident individuals.

In other terms, It is often quite clear that the things you love and the people you are interested in are very different.

But why? Maybe people aren’t sure what they want. They may have been wrong, but when they meet someone they like, they make amends. Also, it is possible for participants to objectively evaluate their preferences by thinking in the abstract. However, they may lose their objectivity after meeting a real-life person and make more spontaneous decisions. All of these things point out that we are not able to take into account the power and influence of the situations.


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