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What can I do with my API?

Say you have an API that pulls in the latest stock market information and helps your app process and display the data. Would you want to keep it a private API and limit your API to only your app, or would you make it a public API (or some aspects of it) and possibly generate some revenue by selling it? If you’re like me, I would like to generate some more money through selling access to my API.

What is an API?

If you don’t know what an API is, it stands for Application Programming Interface. It allows computers to communicate with each other. Usually, an API is connected to a data source. Could be geographic maps, food recipes, special NLP or AI stuff. API data is seen as some sort of special data that can allow apps to add more feature sets to them. An API is a type of software that typically interacts with many types of computer languages.

What is Dcoderr?

Dcoderr isn’t  like any other marketplace on the web. It allows you to sell and buy APIs. If you have an API you wish to sell you can do that or if you want to buy certain types of data from someone else’s API you can do that. If you have an API, we certainly welcome you to enlist on Dcoderr as well. Make more money through different channels! Customers can come and buy APIs they like through either pay-per-use or pre-paid plans. Dcoderr makes all this trading possible and with the easiest interface for all users. You can visit Dcoderr at:

Selling on Dcoderr

The number one question that arises in people’s minds is ‘How much can I make through an API on Dcoderr?’. To help answer this question, there are a couple of posts on the Dcoderr blog that help answer this question. One blog post is this one:

Buying on Dcoderr

If you’re looking for some interesting data or type of feature that can separate your API from others, do checkout the Dcoderr marketplace by visiting


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