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Video Conferencing Tips & Tricks For Successful Virtual Meetings

There has been a rise in telecommuting, online meetings, and video interviews in recent years. That virtual environment becomes a part of your personal brand when you are in a virtual meeting with a colleague or client using a conferencing platform like Skype, Zoom, Teams, or Slack. Virtual meetings are becoming more and more commonplace.

If the online conferences you organize are plagued by glitches, poor sound quality, and interruptions, your reputation will take on a rough and disorganized tone. On the other hand, if you can host virtual meetings without any hiccups, people will have the impression that your personal brand is polished and professional.

The following suggestions will help you save time and alleviate some of the most common stress causes. You’ll be able to run more efficient and productive online meetings as a result.

1.  The Best Choice Is Hard-Wired Internet

Video conferencing works best on wired connections, so wireless internet isn’t recommended for that purpose. A wired connection will help ensure the best possible audio and video quality for your online conference as Wi-Fi networks become congested with multiple users and devices.

If you want to get the most out of your network speed, connect your laptop or desktop computer directly to the network via a hard wire. When you connect directly to a network switch or router with an Ethernet cable, only your computer can use that connection.

2.  Like Any Other Meeting, This One Requires Preparation

Failing to prepare for a virtual meeting adequately is a major faux pas. The worst thing you can do is keep your participants waiting while you fumble through files, open tabs, or a disorganized desktop. Get your files up and ready to go if you need to share them.

Prepare an agenda and refer to it frequently to ensure that the meeting proceeds smoothly. The lack of in-person cues and body language can make even the least awkward of situations awkward very quickly.

3.  Explore Different Lighting Effects

Professional conference rooms of major firms like china led strip manufacturer, require elaborate lighting designs to accommodate video conferencing. No one should feel pressured to replicate those environments at home. There are, however, some easy measures you can take to guarantee a professional presentation to the other conference goers.

Limiting background illumination is the first step. Sitting with your back to a window or glass door will cause your silhouette to be visible from the outside. Simply blocking the light source is as easy as closing the blinds, drawing the shades, or rotating the camera. This includes glaring spotlights from a room behind you.

4.  Get Rid Of The Visual Noise In Your Background

Working from home offers a variety of unique “desks” at which to complete tasks. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to give your contract manufacturing medical devices presentation in a basement, back patio, or spare bedroom; as long as nothing is distracting in the background, you will be more productive.

When kids are running around or dogs barking in the background of a meeting, it’s amazing how quickly people’s attention wanders to their coworkers and away from the presenter.

Each person’s video box can be compared to a personal TV. There shouldn’t be anything in your box other than you sitting there staring, or you’ll be distracted.

5.  Be Aware of Who You’re Addressing

Previously unavailable to us, we are gaining insight into people’s personal lives. We are getting a glimpse into their lives and meeting their families, and we are all dealing with the effects of the pandemic in our own ways. Always exercise patience when interacting with people on your team or in your collaborative efforts.

As already mentioned, we cannot help but be surrounded by ambient sounds and interruptions. Instead of getting angry at a neighbor over their dog, suggest that they turn off any nearby microphones instead.

6.  Keep The Background Simple

Plants, bookcases, or picture frames that don’t look out of place in an office setting aren’t necessarily off-limits, but a blank wall is always the safest bet.

To that end, tones of grey and white can be quite effective. Distracting sounds or visuals in the background will make what you’re saying difficult to focus on.

7.  Do Not Rely On Your Phone But Rather On A Laptop

It may come as a surprise, but many people prefer to conduct conference calls using their smartphones, thanks to the prevalence of reliable and user-friendly conference calling apps. This is a bad plan.

Use a desktop or laptop computer with a quality ptz conferencing camera instead of holding or balancing your phone for a more stable image and the ability to take notes during the call.


The success of a virtual meeting often depends on the quality of the participants’ experiences within it.

Spending even a short amount of time managing that experience can have a big payoff for you and the other people in the meeting. This includes things like minimizing distractions and preventing people from sitting and waiting.


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