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Top 5 User Centric Web Designs for 2021

Nobody had imagined the past year would go with people spending all their time indoors, businesses run online and zoom meetings- a little too many of them! Covid-19 has shifted the world more drastically than we realised. The focus and support required for businesses from online platforms has increased manifold and web designers are scrambling to create imaginative designs offering comfort of browsing and sophisticated taste in a single go.

Web designs for 2021 reflect this shift predominantly. With the pandemic still limiting us indoors from time to time, we rely even more greatly upon user-friendly websites and digital options for our personal and professional needs. The coming year, we are going to see a lot of simplistic and realistic web designs for online businesses, both local and international.

Here’s a look at the elements and trends showing an upward graph.

Visual Comfort and Ease

Because of spending too much time online the past year, glaring images or graphics tend to tire the eyes more. Website designs show a n increasingly symmetrical trajectory when it comes to visual elements. Balance is the key. Visual balance achieved by websites will garner more traffic than their counterparts.

Left-orientation, bold and simple fonts for title and by-lines, and realistic graphics are a predictable bet for most of the popular web designers.

Quick-Load Elements

With the connection speeds soaring each year, waiting for the web-page to load leaves a bad taste in the visitor’s mouth. Nobody likes sitting in front of a webpage, waiting forever for it to load. Thus, speed optimization is the need of the hour. Website designers are looking for plug-ins, in case of heavy elements, so that the loading time can be drastically reduced.

Tailor Made Searches and Customisations

Even though it takes extra efforts in creating an in-depth algorithm to correctly predict by understanding each individual customer’s choice, businesses are pumping money into keeping their websites personal and tailor-made for the consumer. The overall experience of a webpage matters a lot. So, including personal elements like product suggestions, personal help chat boxes and personalized offers and coupons is a must for web designers to incorporate in their websites.

Accessible Web Content

The most frustrating thing while looking for online products is looking for a call-to-action button, or diving through a complicated we design for the actual content. Minimalism is a mantra that is going to be chanted in most popular website design this coming year. Placement of the content, sleek design and accessible content that draws the eye will be big in the website design world.

Presentational Elements

It isn’t just about writing or including graphics in your website. How you present them also matters a lot. Because of the changing times and fast life, the websites should be convenient as well. You might have something useful for your targeted audience, but if the website design is too boring or complicated, you won’t be able to make your customers stay.

Stick with a clean, precise presentation that highlights the product strength.

With frequent updates and changing algorithms, it is essential to look into the predictable patterns of ease and convenience, tapping into these to create websites that cater to the needs of the viewers and potential customers. Read the audience, know what they are on your page for and deliver quickly, concisely and in an as fun way as possible.


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