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Top 5 Tips to Reduce Your Air Conditioning Bill This Summer

Summertime means easy living. Life down under can be hot, sweaty, or uncomfortable. Australia enjoys beautiful, long summers. The temperatures can soar up to the mid-30s (degrees Celsius). Often, a retreat to cool, air-conditioned homes is all that’s needed after being exposed to the heat. Thank goodness for an oasis with air conditioning. This oasis is the relief that a family needs from the hot summer days.

This means your home air conditioning unit will have to work hard during peak summer temperatures. Without you even realizing it, your air conditioning bills could rise. As the temperature rises at midday, so can your energy consumption. You can still reduce your air conditioning costs by following these easy and inexpensive tips and maintaining a comfortable indoor space. These tips will keep you cool when the bills start to come in.

  1. Save Money While You Sleep by Turning off Your Computer at Night

This money-saving tip has no doubt! The night is the best hour to turn off your air conditioning. This is a simple idea. First of all, the evening air tends to be cooler. You can take advantage by opening a window and turning off the air conditioning. You might even feel a breeze cool your room.

  1. Timers and Thermostats: Set and Save

Every degree matters when it is to energy consumption and reducing your AC bill in the summer.

Setting your thermostat at a comfortable temperature is one of the best energy-saving things you can do. This won’t make the unit work too hard and still feel nice. The temperature at which you should set your thermostat is between 22-24 degrees Celsius. Remember that you will save money on your electricity bill for every degree of cooling you don’t need. In summer, don’t set it too cold. Setting your air conditioner unit one degree warmer than what you would normally use can help to cut down on costs by as much as 10%. It’s a good idea to keep the thermostat at 8 degrees above the outside temperature. For example, if it’s cold outside, set it to 22 or 23 Celsius inside.

A thermostat with a timer can be an effective way to cut your energy bill. You can set the temperature and also set the hours of operation for optimal energy efficiency.

  1. Stay Shaded From the Sun and Take Cover

Shade, shade, shade. No matter where you are able to get it, grab the shade, and your home will stay cooler. Your energy bill will drop, and your air conditioner won’t have as much to do. It’s simple. It’s easy to add some shade during hot Aussie summers.

Blinds, curtains, drapes, awnings, and drapes must be drawn and closed in order to avoid becoming too shady. No matter what type of blind you choose, Venetian blinds are the best. Also, sun-facing windows, blinds, and curtains with light-colored backings can help reflect the sun’s heat.

  1. Turn off Heat-Emitting Appliances

The TV, the printer, the computer, and the lamp in a corner are all heat-generating household appliances that will make your air conditioner work harder to regulate the temperature. Turn them off to instantly save on air conditioning energy costs.

  1. Clean It Up To Lower Costs

Here’s another amazing tip to cut down on your cooling bills in summer. You can reduce your cooling costs by making sure your unit is maintained. Make sure the filter is changed or cleaned regularly to keep it running at its best. A dirty filter will make your air conditioning unit work harder, leading to more electricity consumption and higher energy costs.

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