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Top 5 cab booking apps which will make intercity travel easier in 2021

In 2021, we expect people to explore the diversity of India and immerse themselves in various cultures across the country. Hence, intercity travel will increase too. While many people prefer driving themselves, over time, most of them have realized that hiring a cab allows them to enjoy the journey too. Imagine driving from Mumbai to Goa or Bangalore to Goa. The person driving the car will have to focus on the road and might not be able to soak in the beauty of the route! However, by hiring a chauffeur-driven cab, everyone could enjoy the journey. Earlier, hiring an intercity cab involved talking to a travel company and following up with them until the cab arrived. However, with modern apps, booking a cab has become easier and more efficient. Today, we will be comparing the top 5 cab booking apps that are positioned to make intercity travel easier in 2021.

#1: Savaari Car Rentals

Savaari has been in operation since 2006 and caters to over 2000 cities across India. Its cab booking app is rated 4.5 by more than 1600 users on the Google Play Store. The company prides itself on being a road trip expert and they offer comprehensive information about road trips in India through their blogs. Keeping up with the expectations of travelers in India, Savaari offers a wide range of features through its app including local and intercity rentals, one-way and return trips, airport pick-up/drop facilities, etc. Savaari offers a fleet of cars ranging from 16-seater tempo travelers to SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks, and even luxury cars.

Last year, the travel industry faced an unprecedented challenge. To cope with it, Savaari started offering COVID insurance to its driver-partners and customers during the pandemic. It also ensured that all its cars followed stringent safety protocols ensuring a secure journey to travelers. With the government still recommending health precautions for COVID, these security measures will go a long way in assuring people of their safety while traveling across the country in 2021 too.

#2: Avis India

For those who prefer self-driving cars, Avis India offers a fleet of cars to choose from at affordable rates. While it also offers chauffeur-driven cars, its self-driving car segment has gained more popularity. Avis is a trusted brand around the globe with an experience of more than 60 years in the industry. Spread across 20 cities and 50+ locations, its fleet includes cars ranging from Volkswagen, Audi, Honda, Mercedes, Toyota, etc. Avis has designed an easy-to-use app to help travelers book a cab within no time. Currently, the app has an average rating of 3.6 on the Google Play Store given by around 1050 users. They have successfully used Shiply to ship some of the most luxurious Cars of the world in their large fleet of luxury cars.


#3: Gozo Cabs

Launched in 2015, Gozo Cabs has focused on increasing its geographic presence and has managed to establish a presence in over 2500 cities and towns across India. With comfortable rides, transparent rates, and licensed and experienced drivers, Gozo Cabs endeavors to boost your travel experience. Its mobile app is rated 4.1 by around 2100 users on the Google Play Store.

#4: Carzonrent

Founded in the year 2000, Carzonrent has an extensive presence across the country. It offers chauffeur-driven and self-drive cars. Its fleet includes cars across different categories to cater to different requirements of travelers. It also uses cloud computing, telematics, and an interactive mobile app to deliver an amazing experience to travelers.

#5: Ola Cabs

Not a surprising entry on the list, Ola Cabs is undeniably one of the most popular names in intercity cab services. It was founded in 2011 and operates in more than 100 cities across India. Its mobile app is rated 4.0 by around 15 lakh+ users on the Google Play Store. However, their intercity vertical is relatively new in the market.

If you are looking for an intercity car rental service in India, then you might want to consider the options mentioned above. Remember, every trip is unique. Ensure that you book the right cab to make your journey memorable.


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