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Top 2021 Software Development Trends

Integration of world-class technologies and implementing new software development techniques in line with customer needs are the main indicators where businesses must focus their efforts. With every year comes new software development technologies and trends. So, keeping yourself updated is very important. It is the only way to get an edge over your competitors and satisfy your clients’ needs. So, let’s analyze the latest technologies and trends that are going to influence the software development industry in 2021, according to the top software development company


Artificial Intelligence Is Continuously Rising 

AI umbrellas many different technologies that can process lots of clients’ data to offer them a more enhanced and better customer experience. So, what are the 2021 AI software trends? 


  • Predictive analysis together with computational power is extensively adopted by business to find prospective clients. Using AI algorithms, businesses and organizations can get quick access to the data related to sales and find customers preferences. 


  • Use of computer vision applications is rising to monitor the public spaces via camera and data sensors. Using artificial neural networks, apps can also monitor social distancing. 


  • Robotics will be implemented widely in KPO, marketing, manufacturing, and finance to automate the business processes. 


  • Due to the rise in remote working because if the Corona pandemic, client centers will begin adopting more automated speech recognition and Neuro-linguistic programming


Big Data Industry Is Still Developing 

According to studies, bytes are 40 times more than the stars in universe. And it is predicted that the worldwide Big Data market is going to reach 70 billion dollars by 2021 end and 250 billion dollars by 2025. So, it depends on you as to how soon you integrate it in your business as it will become a vital part of business processes soon. Some areas that may drive the Big Data development in 2021 include: 


  • In-Memory Computation: It is a different method to speed up analytics. The clearest benefit of in-memory computation is real-time processing. Every process flows on the data that is stored in RAM. Therefore, data is queries over 100 times quicker than existing solutions. It can help organizations to make the right decisions by acting immediately. 


  • Augmented Analytics: It adds Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning frameworks and tools to the current BI toolkit. It can greatly reduce the time needed for data cleaning and preparation. Businesses can get daily insights from the tool directly, saving lots of time for analysts. 


Progressive Web Apps Will Be the Next Trend 

No one wants to wait for an application to be downloaded for using it. Modern individuals want a quick fix. And progressive web apps offer the same. They are lighter and faster to download than the conventional apps. They also offer native applications user experiences and the notification sending option. A progressive web app can work offline and can boost users’ engagement to over 137%. With these apps, users do not face updating problems as they update automatically whenever they are visited. If you hire asp net developers for creating this kind of app, you will get a time-saving and cost-effective solution as it does not need different versions of the app for different devices. Businesses that will see great results from PWAs are from the following industries: hospitality, eCommerce, social networks, and news services. In all these industries, user convenience is of utmost importance. 


IoT Will Be Integrated Everywhere

To put simply, IoT refers to the interconnectivity of various computer devices in daily objects using the Internet. It is predicted that by 2025, there will be nearly 65 billion IoT-based devices globally. This technology is being used actively in different industries because of its ability to gather large amount of data from various sensors, process and then transfer them via cloud networks. This is a faultless process, guarantees high security, no delays, and creates a highly interactive UI experience. Moreover, in 2021, except for the general applications of IoT (predictive support on phones, security systems, smart devices, biometric cybersecurity sensors, and more), we will experience an increase in its use in the remote working organizations and healthcare industry. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has intensified the significance of remote and digital healthcare. People are more interested to use wearables for regular checkups. Patients and healthcare professionals have now got the abilities to share clinical care instructions. This process will be improved strongly by upcoming smarter hardware technologies and 5G technology. 


Cybersecurity is a Main Priority 


With every new year, a worst time comes for the cybersecurity specialists. Regardless of how developed the defenses become, the attacking methods become more advanced. For most of the businesses and organizations, the shift to remote working has increases the risks of breaches because of more usage of personal devices and home networks. There are some predictions that may impact the world of cybersecurity in 2021: 


5G sector: As the new generation of internet and mobile connectivity, 5G is new and complex. It will have great impacts on the areas such as defense facilities, intelligent power grids, and smart cities. It is clear that it needs stronger attention to security. 


Cloud Breaches: Because of COVID-19, many businesses are turning to the cloud. The cloud service providers must prepare themselves for newer challenges as there is a great chance to see a noteworthy increase in the cloud breaches due to weak security practices. 


Preventing Attacks: It may sound quite obvious, but the security future lies within a proactive approach. It will help prevent them instead of dealing with their results. 

Cyber Insurance: The rising amount of cyberattacks would lead to a stronger demand for the cyber insurance policies that will soften the prospective losses. In the US, there are a few cases, where companies have bought such insurances already and this market is predicted to develop in 2021.


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