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Top 13 Ideas For Homemade Food Gifts

Top 13 Ideas For Homemade Food Gifts

Cooking enthusiasts will appreciate the effort and attention put into a homemade food gift. There’s something delicious here for everyone on your list!

Gifts for cooks and foodies can be found in a wide variety of forms, from rich chocolate truffles and Christmas cookies to spicy sauces and flavored syrups. Our creative wrapping choices will make these handcrafted culinary presents most thoughtful and well-received.

If you want to show your friends and family how much you appreciate them, try one of these creative ways to package prepared food as gifts.

  1. Can of Gift-Wrapped Oatmeal

Reuse the quality oatmeal custom food packaging containers you no longer need. Decorate it again with some wrapping paper and a skinny, curled ribbon bow. A piece of ribbon can be curled by running one scissor blade down its length. 

When you reach the very end of the ribbon, it should spring back into a curl. Use these fudgy four-ingredient cookies as a hidden treat.

  1. Scrolls Of Parchment Tied With Twine

Use this clever method for wrapping delicious presents in parchment paper. Wrap your favorite fudge in homemade parchment paper and give it as a gift this holiday season. Add a touch of country charm by securing it with a bow made of twine and a bright candy cane.

  1. Bottled Roasted Red Pepper Soup Jar

A bowl of hot soup is the ultimate cold-weather comfort food. Heat-and-eat soup is one of the most comforting handmade food gifts you can give. Those on a diet will appreciate this red pepper soup recipe with minimal calories and fat yet still tastes great. Include a spoon in the package so it’s ready to eat immediately.

  1. Mason Jar Mixes With Layers

Prepare a tasty present by stuffing mason jars. To get started, grab several of the 1-pint mason jars. Use a funnel or a waxed paper cone to contain the ingredients as you pour them in. Fill your jar with this brownie mix recipe, or try it with this hot cocoa mix recipe.

  1. Toasted Cheese Crackers

Don’t take any of the crackers home with you. Make the simple cheddar crackers in under an hour, and have them on hand for a week. 

These crackers are one of the most versatile food presents, serving as both a kid-friendly munchie and an elegant accent to a cheese board.

  1. Cherries Soaked In Spiced Bourbon

Love classic mixed drinks? If so, you should try some bourbon cherries. This homemade food present would go great with a new drinking glasses set or champagne glasses wholesale set. 

Mix-home mixologists will want to stock up on these spiced cherries because of their whiskey, vanilla, and pepper flavors. 

  1. Bars Made With Chocolate And Peanut Butter

You can turn to these bars when you’re in a pinch for time but still want to bring a sweet treat to a party. It requires only a few basic materials and hardens in no time. 

You can put them in nice, plain brownie boxes, and they’ve been selling like hotcakes. Send a message of affection with a gift of peanut butter and chocolate.

  1. Bakeware Container With Artwork

Spruce up your standard quick bread recipe with a few seasonal additions. Leave the bread in the pan and tuck a greeting card with a warm message under the bow. What a lovely present this almond tea toast would make!

  1. Clear Glass Milk Containers

Fill up adorned milk jugs with homemade Irish cream or other seasonal beverages. Put the filled milk jugs in a ribbon-wrapped metal bucket for an impressive display. The four-piece milk jug set is easily available and is ideal for serving various holiday beverages. 

Need a drink that the little ones can enjoy? A cup of peppermint white hot chocolate is guaranteed to put a smile on your guests’ faces.

  1. Cookie Tin Stuffed With Tissue Paper

Who doesn’t want Christmas candy? Christmas caramels are a popular culinary gift, and they look great when stored in a cookie tin covered in festive tissue paper. You can even use your old but favorite luxury perfume box to present these cookies. 

  1. DIY Seasoning Blends for Dipping

Rather than just one, this special food present is actually three! Make a variety pack of jars or bottles containing the following seasonings: Bloody Mary (tomato, celery, salt); Mediterranean (oregano, cumin, lemon); and Pesto (sour cream or plain Greek yogurt) (pine nuts, basil, garlic).

  1. Gift-Wrapped Preserves

Include recipe cards so they can create their own homemade jam to add a personal touch to the gift. Better still, jot down some recipes that call for this orange pear jam. These canning jars are ideal for this project since they include a decorative clip top that is excellent for inserting a bow.

  1. Takeout Container Blows Up

These days, you can use foldable boxes for more than simply takeout. The mint chocolate bark may be presented in two ways: leave the box open for an explosive look or close it up by sliding the tabs over the top. 

Put a little extra holiday spirit into the bow by adding a handmade ornament or two. Use foldable boxes for anything from party favors to storing leftovers to holding popcorn for a movie night.


There’s a special something about handcrafted presents that really conveys your affection.

You’d want something that sets fast, looks nice and doesn’t require turning on the oven if you’re making sweets for a large group.

We hope you’ll use these suggestions to send someone special some tasty homemade sweets.


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