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Too Much Screen Time and the Suffering Vision

Can you stay away from your mobile phone for an hour? Can you do that for an entire day? Maybe not.

At least I cannot. Mobile phones, computers have become an integral part of people’s lives. Your day does not go smoothly without checking the notification from your digital devices. If your phone doesn’t ring in a day, you start imagining the unthinkable. Mobile phones have made you more anxious than ever. 

You must have felt that when you post something on social media and wait for the likes and comments to increase. You check it every few seconds. Many things can happen in a few seconds, but not with whatever you post. 

With such dependency on digital devices, you go stay glued to the screen affecting your vision. Admit it, you also had eye pain when you lingered too long on your phone chatting all night or watching some funny videos. 

Your eyes suffer the impact of your fun computer time.

Work from Home

Well, not all activities on the phone can be for fun or recreation. You do work on your laptop. And because of the lockdown, you brought your office to your home. You pull the blinders, darken the room and work in the dungeon-like atmosphere with the only light emitting from your laptop screen.

You are hurting your eyes by doing it. The blue lights emitted from the screen strain your eyes. They also impact your vision if you work for abnormally long hours. And add dim light to the equation you are impacting your health as well.

With dim lights, you are straining your eyes even more. You might be conscious of wasting electricity. So you choose to shut all the lights as you do not need them elsewhere. You are saving on your electric bills but harming your eyes. There isn’t sufficient light for your eyes to work on computers. 

Kids and Computer Screen

Not just adults but kids are spending more time on the computer. They might be attending classes or doing some assignments and also playing games on some hidden tabs. Well, you can’t be a helicopter mom and hound them for everything they do.

You can be helpless with their antics. But you can’t afford that with their eye health. Too much screen time can put their vision at risk. 

You can get screen glasses to avoid straining their eyes. These glasses block blue light emissions from the screen and provide comfortable vision.

While these glasses provide relief, they cannot do anything if you or your child sticks to computer screens ( any digital devices) religiously all the time. You may get relief from the eyestrain, but you are prone to other health issues from sitting for too long. You may start having cervical problems common with office goers. If you are having these issues when you are not even 30, you should do a raincheck on your lifestyle choices.

How much screen time is too much?

This depends on who is using the computer. For children, the more time they spend on computers, the more harmful it is for them. Not just for eyes, but for their overall growth. They become less active as they spend more time on the computer. Glasses with blue light vision can help by reducing eye strain and regulating the sleep cycle. But if sleeping issues and eye conditions become worse from computers, reducing screen time is the only option.

For adults, who work on computers 9-to-5, they have no choice, but to stick to the computer for livelihood. Blue light glasses in such situations are helpful both for glasses wearers and non-glasses wearers. Taking appropriate breaks, regular exercises, and a healthy lifestyle can help with reducing computer vision syndrome.

Can gaming glasses online help? 

If you are a gamer, you religiously spend hours in front of the gaming screen. If you are a professional gamer, more reasons for you to get gaming glasses. Even if you have perfect vision. And good for you, gaming glasses online work well. They block 60-90 per cent of blue light emission and give you a clear and comfortable vision all the time. Specscart gaming glasses provide 99.99 percent protection from blue lights. Try these glasses to have a comfortable and fun gaming experience.


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